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Great News! Tianlong Devices & Kits Approved by MHRA, UK

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A number of Tianlong products, including medical devices and testing kits for various applications from sample collection to nucleic acid extraction and testing, have recently been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), UK. And they are:

Tianlong Product Catagory Related Model
Sample Collection Set T319H
RT-PCR System Genesy 96T, Gentier 96E/R, Gentier 48E/R
Nucleic Acid Extraction System PANA9600S, Libex, GeneRotex 96/48
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit T014H, T324H, T180H, T146H, T093H...
COVID-19 PCR Kit P732H, P741H, P742H

To date, Tianlong products have obtained numerous official approvals and certifications internationally, including CE (EU), FDA (US), KFDA (Korea), PMDA (Japan) as well as Kemenkes (Indonesia), MOZ (Ukraine) and INVIMA (Colombia), etc., and have been widely marketed and applied in over 50 countries and regions around the world.



Since its establishment, Tianlong has focused on genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, committed to providing first-class molecular diagnostic products and solutions for the well-being of all. In the future, Tianlong will persist in R&D and keep its commitment to excellence in all products to contribute to the prevention and control of global epidemics to guard and enhance human well-being.




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