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Guanzhong Customs Visits and Inspects Tianlong Warehousing and Logistics Center

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Guanzhong Customs Visits Tianlong

Recently, Guanzhong Customs visited Tianlong Warehousing and Logistics Center, learned in detail about the storage and shipment of Tianlong products to be exported, and inspected related conditions and materials, to facilitate the exports of epidemic control supplies with strict control and smart service. Guanzhong Customs officers highly affirmed the standardized management of Tianlong, and also expressed their gratitude to Tianlong for its great efforts to ensure epidemic prevention and control supplies at home and abroad.

As an innovative pioneer in molecular diagnostics, Tianlong has independently developed hundreds of products. To date, Tianlong products have been supplied to over 30 cities and provinces in China, and have served customers in Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, and the UAE, among more than 70 countries around the world. Tianlong’s product performance enjoys a very good reputation abroad, and we have received letters of appreciation from the governments of Denmark, Singapore and Slovakia, and other overseas customers.

Behind these achievements, Tianlong has always persisted in the research and development to innovate and improve products, while working with the strict and considerate instructions of the Customs Office. Leaders and officers from Guanzhong Customs and Xi'an Customs have visited Tianlong at times, and kindly instructed relevant work and relevant policies, to support Tianlong products to be exported with better efficiency to contribute to the global combat against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Xi'an Customs and Guanzhong Customs Visited Tianlong

At present, the global epidemic prevention and control associated with COVID-19 remain very harsh, with confirmed cases and deaths continuing to increase. As one of the major suppliers of nucleic acid testing products from China for the world, Tianlong has always been ready to continue with excellence in product performance and to contribute to human well-being.




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