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[NEW ARRIVAL] Deep-Well Magnetic LED Block—Accurate & Awesome

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Have you ever been troubled by the residual beads when extracting nucleic acids from complex samples?

Have you ever been worried about adding samples to the wrong wells or sucking extracted products from the wrong ones?

Now, we are proud to offer you this awesome gadget of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction, a new member of Tianlong Family: Deep-Well Magnetic LED Block.


Magnetic Suction: higher purity of the products for better accuracy of the results!

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LED: awesome just to be user-friendly – showing you the location of samples and extracted products!


Easy-to-use: you can adjust the tilt of the base to the perfect angle for your use, and there’s a considerate light design to show the charging status.

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Deep-Well Magnetic LED Block, small and beautifully integrated!

Not only can this new awesome gadget accurately show the wells to add samples and to suck extracted products, but it can also effectively improve the operation accuracy with high efficiency! Deep-Well Magnetic LED Block brings you a novel experience.

Precise, and user-friendly, you totally deserve this new awesome tool in your lab!

To order it, please contact us without hesitation. 




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