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[New Arrival] Tianlong's New Rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

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Nucleic acid testing is widely used in various fields including infectious disease prevention and control, tumor diagnosis, genetic testing, food safety and forensics. In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, nucleic acid detection is a key method for mass screening and diagnosis.

For the efficiency and precision of the detection, the nucleic acids extracted in the beginning step should be with high quality within a short period of time. The technique for fast, simple and efficient nucleic acid extraction is then essential for this procedure.

Therefore, we have been innovating and improving as always, and have upgraded our rapid viral DNA/RNA extraction reagents which are now faster, easier, more efficient and more accurate, and better for your needs in your lab. Using the upgraded reagents compatible with Tianlong Libex and GeneRotex 96 and other automated nucleic acid extractors, viral DNA/RNA can be extracted from swab, saliva and other liquid samples within 10min, fast and efficient, and high-quality for your downstream applications.

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Upgraded Features

  • Easier to use: Pre-filled for quick loading and immediate extraction

  • More powerful: 400μL loading volume; higher sensitivity for weak positive

  • Faster: High-quality yield within 10min

  • Highly Efficient and Sensitive: Especially suitable for nucleic acid extraction of low-load virus samples

Reference data


Mean CT values of positive samples with different concentrations

(Extraction kits from different manufacturers; PCR instrument + PCR reagents from the same manufacturer)

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As the leading drafter of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry standard "YY/T1717-2020 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Magnetic Bead Method)", Tianlong has decades of R&D exploring and experiences in epidemic prevention, and has independently developed a series of molecular diagnostic devices and compatible reagents with good reputation worldwide. 


In the future, Tianlong will persist in independent innovation, and continue to develop first-class molecular diagnostic products for human well-being.




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