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TianLong GeneRotex 48: Larger volume, more efficient, more sensitive

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African swine fever (ASF) is a contagious, viral disease caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV) infection that affects domestic pigs and wild boars, first reported in Kenya in 1927. With a mortality rate of up to 100% in acute infection, ASF can have serious impact on the swine industry, animal health and food safety, etc.

In recent years, ASF has spread to more countries and regions with outbreaks or reports from sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Asia. Also, the risk of outbreaks globally has increased with the discovery of variant strains of ASF virus (ASFV). The 87th General Session of the World Assembly of World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Delegates was held from May 26 to 31,2019, in Paris, and launched a global initiative for ASF prevention and control efforts and measures such as strengthening the biosafety monitoring of transport of live pigs as well as pork products.


The detection of ASFV is essential for the prevention and control of ASF. Currently, two common detection techniques used in testing for ASFV are nucleic acid testing and antibody testing. The nucleic acid of ASFV can be detected in pigs 2 days after infection and can last for more than 1 month, while ASFV antibodies are produced late and can be detected in serum 12 days after infection. By Nucleic acid detection (e.g., real-time PCR), ASFV in the early stages of infection can be rapidly detected for early diagnosis and epidemic control.


Nucleic acid extraction is the key starting step of nucleic acid detection, and the quality of extracted products is particularly important to ensure the precision of the detection results. Tianlong GeneRotex 48 nucleic acid extractor and compatible reagents offer a loading volume up to 1000μl, 5 times the conventional 200μl sample loading volume.

Pathogens in the samples can be highly enriched, which effectively improves the sensitivity of next-step nucleic acid testing, especially for large-volume or low-concentration samples from pig farm floors, walls, pens, items and staff, etc. Tianlong GeneRotex 48 can also be used for pooled sample testing and improve work efficiency with excellent detection rate of pathogens.


GeneRotex 48 is designed as a real easy-peasy, simple solution for you so that you have no more worries about large-volume environmental samples or the low detection rate.

Larger volume, more efficient , more sensitive!




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