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Tianlong Brings Excellence to AACC 2016, Philadelphia

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From July 31 to August 4, the 2016 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo was held as scheduled at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The AACC is a very important international conference and clinical laboratory medical device exposition in the world of clinical testing, attracting more than 700 exhibitors each year to present the latest advances in the world of clinical laboratory test technology and IVD. More than 20,000 international medical professionals from over 110 countries attend this expo every year.

Tianlong Brings Excellence to AACC 2016, Philadelphia

With the expectation of cooperation and communication with domestic and overseas IVD peers, Tianlong once again came to AACC. In this world event of clinical laboratory technologies, we present you our latest advancements, products and looks. To the AACC 2016, Tianlong brought the overall solutions for molecular testing laboratory: PANA2400 automated nucleic acid workstation, Libex nucleic acid extractor, Gentier real-time PCR system, Genesy gene amplifier, Biolum portable ATP monitoring system, and a variety of PCR kits and other series of products. In the expo, our staff had in-depth communication and trading negotiations with professional audience and agents from all over the world. Lots of agents expressed their willingness to cooperate with Tianlong in the near future.

Tianlong Brings Excellence to AACC 2016, Philadelphia

Through the participation in this exhibition, we have a more in-depth and detailed understanding of the global IVD market, which would be solid support for our future R&D and product launches, and our share in the overseas market. Tianlong will continue to focus on the needs of our customers, and take concrete actions to bring the latest and cutting-edge molecular diagnostic technologies, products and all-round support services to our customers.




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