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Tianlong Made an Appearance at the 14th National Games of China

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Beyond the competitive drama, every National Games of China provides a snapshot of a city at a point in time. The 14th National Games of China held in Xi’an which is one of the four famous capitals in the world. The National Games has been more compelling than most, because it's  the largest sports event held in China after the COVID-19 outbreak.


On September 12, 2021, Yi Chao, executive director of Tianlong Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Center, made an exciting appearance as the No. 67 torchbearer.


After the COVID-19 outbreak, Yi led the team to expand production capacities with all the efforts, to produce and deliver SARS-CoV-2 testing reagents and instruments to support the detection and diagnostic capabilities for epidemic prevention and control all around the world, to arm local professionals in countries including Italy, Denmark, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia in the fight against the epidemic. Tianlong team has earned a good reputation as "Tianlong Intelligent Manufacturing" worldwide.


As an innovative leader in molecular diagnostics, Tianlong has served customers in China and overseas with an industry-leading team of professionals like Yi Chao. They are intelligent and diligent in their daily work to combat epidemics, and meet the needs in the fields of clinical diagnosis, food safety and forensics, etc.


Tianlong has always been R&D-oriented and has independently developed more than 300 types of devices and compatible reagents, and all-around solutions to set up nucleic acid testing laboratories for various applications including nucleic acid extraction, gene amplification, and real-time PCR testing. Numerous Tianlong products have been approved and marketed in the EU, US, UK, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan among more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.




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