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Biolum Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

CE, NMPA, TÜV Rheinland
  • Biolum
  • Xi'an Tianlong Science and Technology

Product Overview





Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is commonly found in plant and animal cells, microorganisms and food residues. Under aerobic conditions, the Firefly luciferase (Fluc) catalyzes the oxidation reaction between luciferin and ATP, and form oxyluciferin, which fluoresces. Developed based on such principles, Biolum Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System can measure the degree of contamination of the target under test by detecting the fluorescent signals, so as to determine whether or not the target is hygienic. It is widely used in various industries such as food processing industry, catering industry, healthcare industry, as well as environmental protection and other law enforcement departments.


Open reagent options

The matching ATP Quickswab swabs by Tianlong are recommended to ensure the accuracy of test results.

Rapid detection

10s per sample.

Automated operation

3.5-inch color screen, minimalist buttons, friendly and easy-to-use human-machine interface.

Quantified results

Visual display of the data, easy to interpret, with a detection limit of 1x10-16mol ATP.

Software intelligence

After the detection is completed, the data can be uploaded to Biolum's unique analysis software, which can track and archive the detection results, and analyze the trend of detection sites.

Detection protection

With a built-in inclination sensor, if the instrument is tilted out of range, the detection will be stopped to ensure the accuracy of the detection.

Minimized size

Portable design, the overall weight of the whole product is less than 300g for one-handed operation.

Product Parameters

Product Model


Authoritative Certifications

NMPA, CE, etc.


7 cm*3.5 cm*18.9 cm(W*D*H)


Up to 300g (including battery), one-handed operation.


Large color screen, visual display of data

Detection accuracy

1×10-16 mol ATP

Detection Range

0-999999 RLUs

Lower Limit of Detection

1.0 CFU/mL

Power-on Self Test

15s or 60s

Testing time


Detection Protection

With a built-in inclination sensor, if the instrument is tilted out of range, the detection will be stopped to ensure the accuracy of the detection.

Test Chamber

Movable, washable and replaceable


± 5% or ±5 RLUs.

User Settings

256 user IDs, 256 detection plans, and 2000 detection program thresholds

Analytical Statement of Results

The result levels can be displayed based on RLU values calculated by the precomputed formula.

Result Output

Bluetooth thermal printer can be configured to print detection results in real time.


10000 data records.

Data Queries

Quick access to statistical results:

RLU value, date, time, etc.; in combination with the specific software, result data can be queried on a computer by time, place, etc.;

histograms, pie charts, line graphs and other intuitive diagrams are available, for easy and on-demand access to analysis and monitoring.

Data Transfer

USB port for real-time transmission of results to the PC during the detection.

Built-in Bluetooth module for wireless transmission of detection results to a PC via a Bluetooth adapter

Power Supply

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charged via MiniUSB port;

Optional solar charger and car power charger are also available.

Operating Time

Continuous operating >10h; standby time: >500h

Compatible Kits

All-in-one swabs with stabilizing liquid media, to meet the needs of rapid on-site detection.