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DNA Extraction Kits for Scientific Research


Product Overview

Product Introduction

For plasmid DNA extraction and DNA cleanup, Tianlong has independently developed a variety of DNA extraction kits. The automation-ready easy-to-use kits, used together with the automated nucleic acid extractor by Tianlong, can meet the needs for downstream testing in scientific research.

Product Information



Product Name

Specifications & Model


T936H (ZDHC)

High-purity Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit

20T/Kit (DT6)


T941H (ZDHC)

Universal DNA Cleanup Kit

20T/Kit (DT6)


T901H (ZDHC)

High-purity Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit



Product Parameters

Product Parameters

The main parameters are as follows:

Applications: Plasmid DNA, DNA obtained by PCR, etc

Sample Types: bacterial cultures, reaction products of PCR, agarose gel bricks, etc.

Package: automation-ready single strips, automation-ready plates

Package Specifications:20T

Storage and Expiration Date: 12 months under room temperature

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