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GeneMix 48 Automated Sample Processing System

  • GeneMix 48
  • Xi'an Tianlong Science and Technology

Product Description





GeneMix 48 Automated Sample Processing System can complete lid opening/closing, dispensing, and proteinase K/internal control addition for 48 sample tubes in one run. Full automation frees professionals from repetitive and mechanical operations with high efficiency and safety.


Full Automation

Automated lid opening/closing, dispensing, and proteinase K / internal control addition, saving time and efforts.

Safe Operation

With droplet entrapment, airtight and drip-proof, pressure sensing detection design, all functions are designed to be done within the biosafety cabinet, with remote control from Pad to prevent cross-contamination.

High Efficiency

48 samples completed within 20 min, and dispensing-only mode of just 10 min.


Stand-alone operation, or Pad remote control.

Intelligent Technology

Real-time monitoring of materials and equipment status, and alarm if abnormal.


Voice reminders during the process; pre-set automatic mixing.

Product Parameters

ModelGeneMix 48

Sample Throughput


Sample Type

0.2mL transparent single tubes and 8-strip tubes

Product Function

  • Nucleic acid extraction sample dispensing

  • Nucleic acid extraction reagent loading

  • Automatic lid opening/closing of standard sample collection tubes

Operation Mode

Stand-alone operation, Pad remote control

Operating System

Android system, user interface in Chinese/English

Pipetting Channels


Processing Volume

10-280μL in one run, multiple repetition available

Contamination Control

  • External droplet entrapment

  • Airtight and drip-proof design

  • All functions within the biosafety cabinet

Material Control

Automatic recognition of deep-well plates, tips and waste boxes

Liquid Level Detection

Pressure sensors to detect the liquid surface

Human-computer Interaction

  • Real-time display of instrument status on the LED screen of the host and the Pad user interface

  • Voice reminders during the operations


570mm (L) x 455mm (W) x 530mm (H)


20 kg

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