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GeneMix Pro Automated Sample Processing System

Optimized Efficiency
Fast and Safe
Real Walk-Away Design

Product Description

For PCR laboratories facing high volume of testing needs, pre-setup steps such as information entry of sample tubes, lid opening/closing, and sample pipetting have become the rate-limiting steps in nucleic acid testing because of the complex, time-consuming and error-prone operation and high-precision requirements.

Tianlong GeneMix Pro Automated Sample Processing System is designed to free you from tedious mechanical operations. This fully automated, high-throughput instrument can process 96 samples within 20min, including sample tube information entry, sample mixing, proteinase K/internal control addition, lid opening/closing, sample pipetting, deep-well plate information entry, sample tube retrieval to sample rack, sample loading to deep-well plate, etc. GeneMix Pro can realize the real smart and walk-away processing to improve efficiency and safety for medical laboratories.


1. Convenient and Efficient

Can handle 96 samples within 20min: automated process from sample tube information entry to deep-well plate.

2. High Compatibility

Compatible with various screwcap sample tubes and conventional standard SBS deep-well plates.

3. Optimized Safety

  • Built-in UV light disinfection in experimental chamber

  • Totally enclosed design with internal negative pressure system

  • Directional exhaust with HEPA filters(99.999% filtration)

  • Triple pressure sensor to minimize impact of the swab head

  • Real-time instrument monitoring + alarm bell + three-color indicators

  • Waste recycling area design, zero secondary contamination

  • Drop catcher technology

  • Airtight and anti-drip design


GeneMix Pro is designed for sample processing for clinical diagnosis, epidemic surveillance, food safety, forensics, scientific research, etc., especially for samples of SARS-CoV-2 and other virulent infectious diseases.

Product Parameters





Handling Time

≤20min for 96 samples


1. Automatic cap opening and   closing;2.   Sample pipetting, dispensing

3. PK/IC reagent loading;4. Automatic   mixing of sample tubes


Sampling   Tubes

Diameter:   13-19mm; Height: 55-115mm

Compatible with 5mL, 10mL and 20mL screwcap sampling   tubes;

5-in-1, 10-in-1 mixed sampling tubes: Direct loading   with cap

Original sampling tube: direct loading with cap

Sample loading for sample tubes with swabs

Pre-set with programs for conventional standard   sampling tubes, ready for use with customization of the sampling tube   parameters

Compatible   Deep-Well Plates

6 * 16T standard 1ml deep-well   plates

1 * 96T standard 1ml deep-well   plates

Compatible with 3ml deep-well   plates; 3 * 8T 3ml large-system deep-well plates (Tianlong)

Pre-set with specifications   of conventional standard deep-well plates, ready for use with customization   of the deep-well plate specifications


Dual independent pipetting modules; pipette pumps   with adjustable spacing; sample loading into individual wells in order

Pipetting volume: 5 -1000μL

Liquid level sensor

Pipetting volume detection; pipette tips following   the liquid surface while aspirating and draining

Pipetting Accuracy

5μl~50μl:   Er≤3.5%

50μl~200μl:  Er≤2.5%

≥200μl:    Er≤2.0%

Pipetting Repeatability/CV

5μl~50μl:         CV≤2.5%

50μl~200μl:  CV≤1.5%

≥200μl:           CV≤1.0%

Smart information system

Sampling tube information scanning   (1D code & QR code)

Deep-well plate status   identification (open system) /information scanning (Tianlong system)

Automatic barcode scanning of   sample racks

"Sample - rack - plate-   PCR" information linkage

“sample – result" closed-loop   management

Lis system link

Touch screen

12.1 inch LCD touch screen

Internet port

USB 3.0/Ethernet port


1130mm(L) ×780mm(W) × 920mm(H)

Net weight


Power supply

Voltage:100 - 240 V;Frequency:50/60HZ;Rated   power:600VA



Relative humidity

35%RH-70%RH, non-condensing

Atmospheric pressure range

56-106Kpa (Altitude ≤ 4000m)