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Gentier Mini Portable Real-Time PCR System

Smaller and Smarter, real-time PCR at anywhere and any time!
  • Gentier Mini
  • Xi'an Tianlong Science and Technology

Product Description





Compact and portable, easy to use, high efficiency in real-time PCR testing with accurate temperature control, Gentier Mini allows real-time PCR tests out of your labs for all types of fields for your applications.


Thoughtful Design

Compact size, 3.2kg, hand-held, easy to carry.

7-inch high-definition LCD capacitive touch screen, for your smooth operating experience.

Patented design, no need for fluorescent calibration after moving.

Instant power failure protection, seamless automatic recovery of the operation, no fear of unexpected situations.

High-efficiency Testing

16-well dual-color fluorescence scanning within 1 second, to fight for your results against time.

Independent temperature control module, supporting touchdown PCR, long-range PCR, qualitative and quantitative, melting curve, SNP site analysis, etc.

The software analysis function is powerful, to meet the diverse testing needs of customers in various fields!

Easy to Operate

Special shortcut mode, preset programs for convenient and fast testing.

Various ways to stay online: Internet interface, USB, WiFi.

It can directly analyze the data in the stand-alone state, and the results are printable immediately after connecting to the printer.

Various control modes including stand-alone, PC and tablet for the applications of multiple scenarios.

Product Parameters

Sample Throughput16

Fluorescence Channels


Suitable Consumables

0.2mL transparent single tubes and 8-strip tubes

Compatible Fluorophores

Channel 1: FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO 9, Eva Green, LC Green

Channel 2: HEX, VIC, TET, JOE

Heating Rate

Average heating rate of 3.39C/s; maximum heating rate of 5.09C/s

Cooling Rate

Average cooling rate of 3.0 "C/s; maximum cooling rate of 4.0C/s

Temperature Accuracy



High-brightness, long-life, maintenance-free LED light source

Detection Duration

Fluorescence channel information acquisition within 1 second for oll holes

Temperature Controlled Programs

Supporting conventional PCR, touchdown PCR, long-range PCR, etc.

Hot Lid Temperature


Software Analysis

Qualitative analysis, absolute quantitative anolysis, relative quantitative analysis, endpoint fluorescence analysis, dissociation curve andlysis, and SNP analysis, etc.


7-inch fll-coloro HD LCD capacitive touch screen

Control Methods

Mode 1: touch-screen of Gentier Mini, with at least 1000 times storage data stand-alone

Mode 2: computer software

Mode 3: remote control via tablet

Result Analysis

The results can be analyzed directly on Gentier Mini and can be printed out directy when connected to athermal printer; the results can also be analyzed through PC software depending on your preference

Network Connection

Internet interface, USB, WiFi

Power Failure Protection

Instant power failure protection, seamless automatic recovery of the experiment when restarted

Specifications and Weight

205mm (L) × 156mm (W) × 153mm (H); 3.2kg