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Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method)


Product Description

PCR – Preferred Diagnostic Method

Monkeypox is a viral zoonosis caused by the monkeypox virus,WHO suggestions: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the preferred laboratory test,given its accuracy and sensitivity .The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also uses PCR detection as a key diagnostic method for monkeypox.

Tianlong's Monkeypox Virus PCR Kit

Tianlong's Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit uses real-time fluorescent PCR method and 3-in-1 single-tube design,which can detect the specific sequences of the viral DNA for the early and rapid diagnosis of suspected cases.


For the epidemiological surveillance to develop optimal epidemic prevention and control strategies

For the early and rapid diagnosis of monkeypox


Easy to use: 3-in-1 single-tube design, ready for testing after dispensing and loading.

High sensitivity: ensured accuracy with the LoD of 200 copies/mL.

Automation ready: compatible with Tianlong’s automated nucleic acid extractors, for minimized manual errors.

Optimized efficiency: rapid detection completed within 40min working with Tianlong’s real-time PCR systems.


Principle   of Procedure

Real-time   PCR, FAM for the samples, CY5 for the internal control

No.   of Tests

50   tests/kit

Limit   of Detection(LoD)

200 copies/mL


Respectively   detect the precise reference specimens of high and low concentrations in   different time ranges for 10 times, and the precision values of intra and   inter Ct values were all <5%


No cross   reactivity of the assay was observed with Variola virus, Vaccinia virus, Camelpox   virus, Cowpox virus, Raccoonpox virus, Taterapox virus, HSV, FMDV and sampling swabs collected from healthy people

Sample Types

Oropharyngeal swab, vesicular or pustular lesion fluid and diseased tissue samples, etc.

Storage/   Transportation Conditions

Storage:   -25°C to -15°C for 12 months

Transportation:   -25°C to 8°C

Compatible   Instruments

Tianlong's   Gentier 96E, Gentier 96R, Gentier 48E and similar instruments