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Tianlong Fighting for Fujian's Victory on the Latest COVID-19 Outbreak

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On October 7, Xiamen city in East China's Fujian Province cleared all its high- and middle-risk areas for COVID-19 and declared victory. Tianlong escorted Xiamen in this mission successfully, and all the technicians are now ready to return with triumph.


After the outbreak in Xiamen, Tianlong immediately dispatched over 50 technicians with detection instruments and compatible reagents and built the gas film shelter laboratory in Tong'an District, the most severely affected area, to assist the local nucleic acid detection capacity.



After being built, Tianlong gas film laboratories were operating 24/7 with three shifts working tirelessly to complete the screening of tens of thousands of samples daily. The worst-hit area, Tong'an district, went through multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing using single sample and pooled sample(5-in-1 or 10-in-1) collection methods. Tianlong held on the ground for more than 20 days. With the support of nearly 100 sets of instruments and compatible reagents, Tianlong escorted the local government to complete nucleic acid testing for almost one million residents, which played a crucial role in bringing the epidemic under control in Xiamen.



At present, Xiamen residents have gradually been back to everyday life. However, there are still outbreaks of COVID-19 in China, and the global pandemic situation is also bleak. Tianlong will continue to guarantee the supply of instruments and reagents for epidemic prevention and control and work with all sectors of society to fight against COVID-19.




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