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Tianlong Products Guarding Indonesian Airports During Pandemic

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Recently, Tianlong's nucleic acid testing solution has been installed in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia, to guard the national gate of Indonesia during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, in response to customer needs, Tianlong team went to Spain to carry out product training for local clients. After this, Tianlong team set out to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, to provide technical support for Tianlong customers locally.


According to Indonesian epidemic prevention and control policies, all passengers entering Indonesia must undergo nucleic acid testing again upon arrival. Tianlong team also used our testing products for nucleic acid testing upon arrival in Jakarta. The high-performing and high-accuracy Tianlong Intelligent Manufacturing products meet the "result reporting within 1.5h" airport requirement.

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Since July 2021, when the COVID-19 cases surged in Indonesia, the Indonesian government has strictly controlled imported cases with stringent measures. In September, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport imported Tianlong's nucleic acid detection solutions. The nucleic acid testing laboratory at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport now uses Tianlong products that carry out over 2,000 nucleic acid tests for inbound-outbound passengers daily to build a solid defense against the pandemic.

Before this, key laboratories and medical institutes in Indonesia had installed Tianlong products for local epidemic control.

Tianlong mobile PCR labs also joined the fight against COVID-19 in Jakarta, Bali, and other regions in Indonesia. Tianlong mobile PCR labs are flexible, can shorten the sample transportation time, and significantly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid detection during the pandemic.

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In this trip to Jakarta, Tianlong team also visited numerous customers, and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with our customers on product usage to ensure better meeting the needs of different customers.

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Tianlong will continue to provide high-performing products and professional services to combat the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide and to contribute to the well-being of everyone. We will continue bringing Tianlong Intelligent Manufacturing everywhere on the journey of protecting human well-being.




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