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Tianlong to Escort China's National Paralympic & Special Games

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The 14th National Games of China was held throughout Shaanxi Province from September 15 to 27, 2021, and closed in Xi'an successfully. Tianlong Intelligent Manufacturing took and completed the nucleic acid testing mission for the games and events. On October 22, the opening ceremony of the 11th Paralympic Games of China and the 8th Special Olympics was held in Xi'an. Tianlong Intelligent Manufacturing has started the mission to escort the games and events again.


The 14th National Games, the 11th Paralympic Games of China, and the 8th Special Olympics of China are the highest-level sports events held in Shaanxi, during the regular epidemic prevention and control in the global pandemic. Ensuring epidemic prevention and control is an essential basis and prerequisite to the success of the Games. As a domestic leader in nucleic acid detection and molecular diagnostics, Tianlong has dispatched the star products, including GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractors and Gentier 96E real-time PCR systems, to support the screening and testing for the Games.


GeneRotex 96 has been the top 1 seller of nucleic acid extraction instruments in China for the past two years, according to the data listed on GeneRotex 96 uses Tianlong's unique rotary nucleic acid extraction technology (patent No.: ZL 201710435931.8), with 6-color fluorescent channels and 96 sample throughput, has demonstrated highly efficient temperature control and photoelectric systems, excellent accuracy, and rapid testing speed (only 20min for the nucleic acid extraction of 96 samples). Gentier 96E has also won the award of China's Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment.


Worldwide and domestically, Tianlong has been fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic regularly and during special events, including China's "Two Sessions," China International Import Expo(CIIE), China's 14th National Games, the Tokyo Olympic Games, among other significant events and activities. Tianlong is confident and capable of escorting the 11th Paralympic Games of China and the 8th Special Olympics and wishes a huge success for each participator.




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