Explore the Highlights of Tianlong’s Trip in the Philippines
Release Date 2024-04-28


Recently, Tianlong Science and Technology went to the Philippines to participate in the 73rd Annual Convention of Philippine Society of Pathologist, which is an important opportunity to display technology and products. At the exhibition, Tianlong demonstrated its technical strength and innovative products in the field of molecular diagnosis and genetic testing, which brought many valuable opportunities and gains for Tianlong.

At the exhibition, Tianlong displayed a series of advanced technologies and products, including Gentier Mini Series Portable Real-Time PCR System, Biolum and Biolum Pro ATP Hygiene Monitoring System, as well as a diverse range of solutions of Tianlong and its parent company KHB. Many participants from small and medium-sized hospitals in the Philippines have expressed interest in Tianlong's nucleic acid extractors and compatible reagents. Tianlong has developed more than 300 different types of reagents for nucleic acid extraction and detection. These reagents cover a wide range of topics, including drug genes, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and sexually transmitted infections, animal epidemics, food safety, and other infectious diseases. These reagents can be used to meet the needs of clients in a variety of fields, including forensic identification, food safety, epidemic detection, clinical disease diagnosis, and animal epidemics.


Furthermore, Tianlong engaged in a range of professional forums and exchanges with industry experts, partners, and customers during the annual conference, with the aim of fostering deeper cooperation and communication.


During the stay in the Philippines, our team also went to a local medical center to introduce Tianlong's ATP Hygiene Monitoring System in an effort to expand collaboration in the Philippines. The medical center got the opportunity to experience firsthand how the operations worked and how it might be used for potential applications for hygiene monitoring purpose in their hospital. This effective communication and demonstration has established the groundwork for our further collaboration.


By demonstrating technical services, participating in exchanges and expanding cooperation, Tianlong not only enhanced its brand image and market influence, but also laid a solid foundation for further development in the Philippine market in the future. Tianlong will continue to be committed to innovation and improve service quality, provide customers with better medical solutions, and achieve greater development goals.