R&D Team

As a leading enterprise in the field of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics in China and a national "small giant" enterprise, Tianlong believes that independent research and development is the source of power for the long-term development.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, Tianlong has built up an R&D team of nearly 300 employees, nearly 40% of whom are with master's degrees or above, and introduced overseas experts from US and Korea, among other countries.

Tianlong R&D team enjoys senior and influential talents with middle-to-senior professional titles from the scientific and technological panels for standard setting and technological review for the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Medical Products Administration, and the National Health Commission of China. 

Independent research and development are the source of power for the long-term high-quality development.

The professional background of Tianlong R&D team covers a variety of disciplines such as optics, thermal, software, hardware, mechanical, biological, medical, chemical, and material. Accordingly, we have specialized talents of R&D engineers, system engineers, optical engineers, process engineers, embedded engineers, test engineers, and algorithm engineers.

We now have two R&D centers: Tianlong Instrumentation R&D Center and Tianlong Reagent R&D Center, and Tianlong R&D teamwork in a multi-projects + cross-team collaboration mode.

Tianlong has maintained close academic exchanges with well-known institutions at home and abroad, such as the University of Utah, Oxford University Hospital, Chung-Ang University, Tsinghua University, the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital), and China CDC. We can maximize our R&D capabilities, ensure continuous advancement and technological leadership, and provide first-class molecular diagnostic products for human well-being.

  • 20+years
  • 300+
    R&D talents
  • 40%
    Talents with a master's degree and above
National "Small Giant" Enterprise
Instrumentation and Reagent R&D Center

Technical Innovations and Awards

After more than 20 years of hard work, Tianlong team overcame the strangling problems such as cross-contamination during nucleic acid extraction, poor temperature uniformity of rapid thermal cycling for gene amplification, integrated MEMS biosensing, and multiplexed nucleic acid detection. And we created automated high-throughput multiplexed nucleic acid detection and quantification technologies.

Tianlong's new technologies make nucleic acid detection faster, more accurate, and safer, with greater detection throughput. We now can provide an integrated high-throughput multi-target nucleic acid automated quantitative detection system solutions and product portfolio.

Tianlong products have been proven to be high-performing with reliable quality in real-world applications to prevent and control major epidemics such as avian influenza, Ebola, swine fever, and COVID-19. For the contributions to combatting such epidemics, Tianlong won numerous awards, including the Second Prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award of 2020, the First Prize in the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award of 2019, and the First Prize in Xi'an Municipal Science and Technology of 2008.

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Tianlong's Intellectual Property Rights

Technology empowers the future, innovation advances development. Tianlong insists on high-quality, innovative development with characteristic specialization and strives to achieve high-performing technological self-sufficiency and self-improvement.

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