MEDICA 2022 | Meet Us in the World Fair
Release Date 2022-11-17

On the banks of the Rhine in Germany, from November 14 to 17, the world's largest medical trade exhibition MEDICA is in full swing, with more than 4,400 exhibitors from more than 70 countries and nearly 10,000 visitors in this grand event. Tianlong team is also here demonstrating the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing on this platform of the largest international exchange and cooperation in the healthcare industry.

Tianlong Intelligent Manufacturing Family

Across the mountains and seas, as promised, Tianlong team brought our star products with ingenious quality and excellent performance, and won the attention and consultation of many audiences in the exhibition hall of  MEDICA 2022.

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Technology empowers and improves quality and efficiency. Tianlong's GeneMix Pro automated sample processing system, PANA S401 automated liquid handling system, working with PANA 9600S automatic nucleic acid workstation, GeneRotex 96 automatic nucleic acid extractor, Gentier 96E real-time PCR system and other automated products, can accelerate the whole process of nucleic acid detection in various applications. With the latest technological innovation achievements, Tianlong products can help lab professionals minimize complex experimental operations, significantly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid detection, but also effectively reduce human errors. Tianlong products have been widely recognized and praised in the industry and have become a highlight at the world fair for their high performance combined with advanced technologies.

Tianlong Team Enthusing MEDICA 2022

In the past three days, the audience stopped at the Tianlong booth to visit and consult, and our old and new lab professional clients also came as scheduled. We shared an in-depth understanding of product performance, technologies, and advantages. Through face-to-face communication, Tianlong team and professional lab users have had better mutual trust and cognition.

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Tianlong product managers have made detailed introductions through professional explanations, demonstration, and Q&A, and presented our convenient, efficient, and accurate Tianlong solutions from multiple angles and dimensions, helping everyone obtain product highlights and features more intuitively. At the same time, Tianlong brand has also profoundly rooted in the visitors.

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With the increasing integration with emerging technologies of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, medical testing technologies have developed from automation and informatization to intelligence. Tianlong has never stopped the pace of exploration advancing the breakthrough and improvement of molecular diagnostics and nucleic acid testing with intelligent solutions, and constantly practicing Tianlong values to protect human well-being.

In the future, Tianlong will continue to take the exhibitions as a bridge to strengthen mutual integration with the industry worldwide, promote our star products to the world, insist on building a shared future for humanity and contribute to human well-being as always.