Tianlong Made its Stunning Presence at the 48th CBAC in Brazil
Release Date 2023-06-26

The 48th Brazilian Society of Clinical Analysis (CBAC) was held in Florianopolis, Brazil from June 18 to June 21. As an innovative leader in the field of molecular diagnostics in China, Tianlong Technology, with its outstanding technical and innovative ability, has gained great attention at the exhibition.


As an important industry event, the 48th CBAC provides a platform for companies to showcase their technology and products. Tianlong Technology made a stunning presence with its Panall 8000 all-in-one molecular diagnosis system and a variety of products as nucleic acid extractors, real-time PCR systems and compatible reagents.


During the exhibition, many enterprises and institutions were attracted to our booth to share insights and develop cooperations with our international team. Thanks to the excellent performance of various products and diversified application scenarios, Tianlong has been preferred by a lot of partners.


Panall 8000 all-in-one molecular diagnosis system, the latest application of PCR lab solutions, is praised for its powerful, intensive and efficient functions, including multiple joint inspection and ease of operation, which attracted a lot of attention and acclaim.


After the exhibition, Tianlong will keep contact with partners, and make improvements to adapt to the market. The successful experience on this exhibition will also inspire Tianlong to make continuous progress. It is believed that our future development will bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the field of molecular diagnostics.