Unlock the Show of Tianlong at Medlab 2024
Release Date 2024-02-08

The 4-day Medlab Middle East 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Center came to an end successfully on February 8. MedLab is the largest exhibition of medical equipment in the Middle East region, attracting visitors worldwide to experience the academic atmosphere and technological innovation.


Integrated IVD Solutions

As a R&D enterprise specializing in genetic detection and molecular diagnostics for 27 years, Tianlong Technology is playing an active role in the international market. This time in Dubai, Tianlong joined hands with Shanghai Kehua Bio-engineering(KHB) and Focus Diagnostics, showcased the comprehensive solutions integrating immune diagnosis, biochemical diagnosis, molecular diagnosis and POCT on the exhibition.

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New Launch - Gentier X3

On Medlab 2024, Tianlong announces its brand-new product - Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System, which innovates in flexibility and allows users to control three independent blocks in the same PCR system, gained popularity on the exhibition.“This Gentier X3 is a very efficient PCR solution, saving time for users conducting tests of multiple samples of small and medium capacity simultaneously”, said a visitor from South Korea.

In addition, Tianlong’s Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System, GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor, Gentier mini Portable Real-Time PCR System, and Biolum Pro Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System also received great attention.

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International Co-operations

At the exhibition, Tianlong’s international team introduced the integrated product solutions and engaged in communication and negotiation with visitors, and had preliminary discussions on cooperation with customers from Russia, Morocco, Yemen, India, Iraq, and Egypt etc..


Tianlong’s first exhibition in 2024 has successfully come to an end. In the future, Tianlong will continue to expand its commercial presence in key regions worldwide while contributing to the global health cause through advanced scientific and technological innovation.