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Unveiling Innovation: The Tianlong Nucleic Acid Extractor Redefining Genetic Analysis
Release Date 2024-03-01

In the dynamic landscape of genetic analysis, the Tianlong Nucleic Acid Extractor emerges as a reliable companion, redefining the way laboratories approach nucleic acid extraction. At Tianlong, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge technology that goes beyond conventional methods. Dive into the world of precision and efficiency with our flagship model, the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor.


Breaking Down Barriers with Heating Temperature Mastery

In the realm of nucleic acid extraction, temperature control is paramount. The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor takes progress forward by offering unparalleled heating temperature capabilities. Lysis heating spans from room temperature to an impressive 120°C, providing the flexibility needed for diverse applications. Elution heating mirrors this range, ensuring that the extracted nucleic acids remain intact and ready for downstream analysis. The precision in temperature control distinguishes the GeneRotex 96 as a game-changing asset for laboratories.


Mixing Method: Rotary Precision

Efficient mixing is the heartbeat of any nucleic acid extraction process. The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor introduces a rotary mixing method, ensuring a thorough and uniform distribution of samples. This method not only enhances the extraction yield but also reduces variability across experiments. The result? Reliable and reproducible data that researchers can trust. At Tianlong, we understand the critical role of mixing in genetic analysis, and the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Operation Redefined: 7-Inch Full-Color LCD Touch Screen

In the fast-paced world of laboratories, seamless operation is non-negotiable. The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor incorporates a user-friendly 7-inch full-color LCD touch screen, elevating the user experience. Navigating through the system becomes intuitive, allowing researchers to focus on their work rather than grappling with complex interfaces. Tianlong understands the importance of user-centric design, and the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor reflects our dedication to making advanced technology accessible.


Program Storage for Unmatched Flexibility

Flexibility is the cornerstone of innovation. The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor doesn't just stop at superior performance; it offers a vast program storage capacity. With the ability to store up to 1000 programs, laboratories gain unprecedented flexibility in experimental design. Researchers can optimize protocols, adapt to evolving methodologies, and tailor the extraction process to the unique demands of their projects. Tianlong empowers laboratories to explore new horizons in genetic analysis with the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor.



In the ever-evolving landscape of genetic analysis, Tianlong stands at the forefront of innovation. The GeneRotex 96, with its mastery of overheating temperatures, mixing method, user-friendly interface, and extensive program storage, redefines nucleic acid extraction. At Tianlong, we believe in pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Join us on this journey of discovery and unlock the true potential of genetic analysis with the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor. Your research deserves the precision and reliability that only Tianlong can deliver.