Achieving Advanced Accuracy: Introducing the Tianlong A96E Real-Time PCR System
Release Date 2023-11-21

We, at Tianlong, are thrilled to introduce you to the revolutionary Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System, a groundbreaking solution that's set to redefine laboratory efficiency and accuracy. In this article, we'll delve into the world of the Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System, exploring its remarkable features, the advanced technology behind it, and the transformative impact it can have on your research endeavors.


Discovering the Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System: A Game Changer in PCR Technology

In the fast-paced world of molecular diagnostics and genetic testing, precision and speed are paramount. The Gentier 96E Real Time PCR System is engineered to exceed these expectations, providing a seamless experience for high-end laboratories. Let's explore why this instrument is making waves in the industry.


Unmatched Throughput and Efficiency

When it comes to processing samples, time is of the essence. With the Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System, we've streamlined the process, enabling you to scan all 96 wells of fluorescence in just 7 seconds. This remarkable speed reduces testing time and enhances your laboratory's productivity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your research.


Temperature Control: Where Precision Meets Performance

The Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System relies on advanced Peltier heating and cooling technology, offering unrivaled temperature control. With a maximum heating ramp rate exceeding 6.1℃/s and a cooling ramp rate of over 5.0℃/s, your PCR reactions are executed with pinpoint accuracy. Say goodbye to temperature related variations that can compromise your results.


Reliability in the Face of Adversity

Laboratory environments can be unpredictable, and power interruptions are a concern for any researcher. With the Gentier 96E's power failure protection design, you can conduct experiments with confidence. In the event of an instantaneous power failure, the system will automatically recover, ensuring the integrity of your work.


Two Configurations, One Exceptional System

Flexibility is key in laboratory settings. The Gentier 96E offers two configurations to suit your preferences. You can enjoy the user-friendly standalone mode with its 10.4inch touch screen interface. Alternatively, opt for PC software control for added convenience and functionality.


Unlocking the Power of Data Analysis

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond hardware. The Gentier 96E comes equipped with powerful software for data analysis. From absolute quantitative analysis to SNP analysis and melting curve analysis, you can harness the full potential of your data, making informed decisions with confidence.



In conclusion, the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System represents a significant leap forward in PCR technology. Its rapid throughput, precise temperature control, power failure protection, and versatile configurations make it an invaluable asset for high end laboratories. With our commitment to innovation, we've empowered researchers like you to unlock new frontiers in molecular diagnostics and genetic testing.


Choose the Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System and experience the future of real-time PCR technology. Elevate your research today with Tianlong.