Advancing Spinal Muscular Atrophy Genetic Testing with Tianlong: Unveiling the Benefits and Advantages
Release Date 2023-08-15

As pioneers in the field of molecular diagnostics, we at Tianlong are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that enhance patient care. Today, we are excited to introduce the Tianlong Human Survival Motor Neuron 1 (SMN1) Gene Detection Kit, which revolutionizes the spinal muscular atrophy genetic test. SMA is a devastating autosomal recessive genetic disease characterized by motor neuron degeneration. Our advanced kit offers accurate and comprehensive testing, enabling early detection and precise diagnosis. Let's explore the benefits and advantages it brings.


Accurate and comprehensive testing for SMA

The Tianlong kit employs the highly efficient PCR melting curve method, which ensures accurate and comprehensive testing for SMA. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to identify specific copy number variations in the SMN1 gene, particularly at exon 7 and/or exon 8. By precisely detecting these abnormalities, our kit plays a pivotal role in diagnosing SMA and assessing carrier status.

Features and usages of the Tianlong gene detection kit

1. Quality Performance:

 The Tianlong Gene Detection Kit sets new standards in SMA testing by providing exceptional quality performance. It enables differentiation between 0, 1, and greater than 2 copies of SMN1, allowing healthcare professionals to identify carriers and patients accurately. This capability significantly improves the accuracy of SMA diagnoses, leading to better treatment decisions and management strategies.

2. Optimized Workflow:

   We understand the importance of efficiency in diagnostic laboratories. Therefore, our kit features an optimized workflow that streamlines the DNA-to-data process. With minimal hands-on time, healthcare professionals can obtain results quickly and efficiently. The integration of the Tianlong Gentier96E/R automates data analysis, reducing complexity and enhancing overall productivity.

3. High Precision and Accessibility:

   Precision is paramount when it comes to genetic testing. The Tianlong Gene Detection Kit ensures high precision, with a coefficient of variation (CV%) of the R value being less than 6%. This exceptional precision instills confidence in healthcare professionals, ensuring reliable and consistent results for spinal muscular atrophy genetic tests.


The Tianlong Human Survival Motor Neuron 1 (SMN1) Gene Detection Kit represents a significant advancement in spinal muscular atrophy genetic testing. By leveraging the PCR melting curve method, we deliver accurate and comprehensive results, enabling early detection and precise diagnosis of SMA. With features such as quality performance, optimized workflow, high precision, and global accessibility, our kit empowers healthcare professionals in their mission to improve patient outcomes.

At Tianlong, we remain committed to developing cutting-edge molecular diagnostic solutions that contribute to the well-being of individuals worldwide. Our dedication to excellence, social responsibility, and the development of high-quality products has earned us recognition as a leader in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. Together, let us continue to make strides in the fight against genetic diseases like SMA with spinal muscular atrophy genetic test, striving for a future where early detection leads to improved patient care and better lives.