Enhance Laboratory Efficiency with the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System
Release Date 2024-01-22

In today's fast-paced laboratory environment, efficiency is key to staying ahead. With the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System, you can take your laboratory productivity to the next level.


Maximize Efficiency with Rapid Fluorescence Scanning


Scan 96 samples in just 7 seconds for improved productivity: The Gentier 96E system is designed to handle high sample volumes with ease. With its rapid fluorescence scanning capability, you can process 96 samples in a mere 7 seconds. This means you can save valuable time and increase throughput, allowing your lab professionals to focus on other critical tasks.


Efficient temperature control with Peltier heating/cooling method: Temperature control is crucial for accurate and reliable PCR results. The Gentier 96E system utilizes the advanced Peltier heating/cooling method, ensuring precise and efficient temperature control. With a maximum heating ramp rate of >6.1℃/s and a maximum cooling ramp rate of >5.0℃/s, you can achieve rapid cycling times and optimize your experimental workflows.


Power failure protection for uninterrupted experiments: Power failures can be a major setback in any laboratory setting. However, with the Gentier 96E system, you can say goodbye to worries about instantaneous power failure. Its power failure protection design allows the system to automatically recover experiments, eliminating the need to start from scratch. This feature provides peace of mind and ensures that your valuable samples and data are protected.


Two Configurations for Convenience and Flexibility


At Tianlong, we understand that every laboratory has unique requirements. That's why we offer two convenient configurations for the Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System, catering to different operational preferences:


The standalone configuration of the Gentier 96E system features a user-friendly 10.4-inch touchscreen interface. This allows for intuitive and hassle-free operation, making it ideal for laboratories seeking a solution that provides simplicity and convenience.


PC control configuration for seamless integration with existing setups: For laboratories that prefer a more integrated approach, the Gentier 96E system offers a PC control configuration. With this setup, you can leverage the power of PC software control to seamlessly integrate the Gentier 96E system with your existing laboratory setups. This configuration provides enhanced flexibility and customization options to meet your specific needs.


Specifications and Performance of the Gentier 96E


When it comes to investing in a real-time PCR system, performance, and specifications matter. The Gentier 96E system offers a range of features that ensure reliable and accurate results:


Six fluorescence channels for diverse assay compatibility: The Gentier 96E system is equipped with six fluorescence channels, providing compatibility with a wide range of assays. From FAM, SYBR Green I, and Eva Green to HEX, VIC, TET, and more, you can perform various applications with confidence.


High-speed thermal cycling with heating rate >6.1℃/s and cooling rate >5.0℃/s: Time is of the essence in the laboratory, and the Gentier 96E system delivers with its high-speed thermal cycling capabilities. With a heating rate of >6.1℃/s and a cooling rate of >5.0℃/s, you can achieve rapid cycling times, accelerating your experimental workflows.


Win7/Win10/Win11 compatibility and ample data storage capacity: The Gentier 96E system is designed to seamlessly integrate into your laboratory's IT infrastructure. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems, ensuring easy connectivity and data transfer. Additionally, the system offers ample data storage capacity, allowing you to store up to 1000 results within the machine itself.




In conclusion, the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System is a game-changer for laboratories seeking to enhance efficiency and streamline their PCR workflows. With its rapid scanning, efficient temperature control, flexible configurations, and impressive specifications, the Gentier 96E system empowers our customers to achieve reliable and accurate results, surpassing their expectations. Trust Tianlong and our cutting-edge products to take your laboratory to new heights of performance and productivity.