Enhance Your Respiratory Pathogen Detection with Tianlong's Advanced Kit
Release Date 2024-03-06

At Tianlong, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for respiratory pathogen detection. Our highly precise Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit is specifically designed for use with the Tianlong Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System. With its advanced features and high-accuracy results, our kit offers a stable and convenient solution that significantly reduces transportation costs and minimizes the risk of contamination.


High Accuracy for Reliable Results

With our Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit, you can trust in the accuracy of your diagnostic results. The kit is fully compatible with the Tianlong Panall 8000 system, which features a highly automated workflow that eliminates manual work and ensures precise outcomes. The precision values of intra and inter Ct values are consistently below 5%, providing reliable and trustworthy data for effective decision-making.


Stable and Convenient Design

Our kit is designed with stability and convenience in mind. Using a freeze-dried format, the reagents remain stable at room temperature, eliminating the need for costly and cumbersome cold chain transportation. This not only reduces logistics expenses but also ensures that the kit is readily available whenever it is needed. Say goodbye to the hassle of refrigeration and embrace the convenience of our stable kit.


Anti-Contamination Measures

Contamination can compromise the accuracy of respiratory pathogen detection. That's why our kit incorporates smart design features to mitigate contamination risks. The inclusion of liquid paraffin in the reagents prevents evaporation during the reaction, maintaining a controlled environment and reducing the chances of contamination. With our kit, you can have confidence in obtaining reliable and uncontaminated results.


Cost-Effective Solution for Healthcare Providers

Transportation costs and the risk of contamination can be significant burdens for healthcare providers. By utilizing our Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit, you can minimize these challenges. The stable and convenient freeze-dried format eliminates the need for costly refrigeration during transportation. In addition, the anti-contamination design reduces the risk of compromised results. This cost-effective solution allows healthcare providers to allocate resources efficiently and focus on delivering quality care.



Tianlong's Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit is designed to enhance respiratory pathogen detection. With its high precision, stability, and anti-contamination measures, our kit ensures reliable and accurate results. The compatibility with the Tianlong Panall 8000 system streamlines the diagnostic process and guarantees high-accuracy outcomes. Say goodbye to the hassles of cold chain logistics and contamination risks with our stable and convenient freeze-dried kit. Trust Tianlong to provide a cost-effective solution that empowers healthcare providers to deliver efficient and accurate respiratory pathogen detection. Improve patient care and make informed decisions with Tianlong's advanced respiratory pathogen detection kit.