Enhanced Accuracy and Usability with Tianlong's Detection Kit
Release Date 2023-08-11

In the realm of respiratory pathogen testing, the efficiency and reliability of a respiratory pathogen detection kit are paramount. At Tianlong, we recognize the criticality of accurate results in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. With our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare, we have developed a state-of-the-art respiratory pathogen detection kit that delivers enhanced accuracy and usability for respiratory pathogen testing.


Internal control system for accurate results

At the heart of Tianlong's PCR detection kit lies an advanced internal control system. This mechanism plays a vital role in ensuring reliable and accurate results. By effectively preventing false-negative outcomes, we empower healthcare providers to make precise treatment decisions based on trustworthy data. Our internal control system guarantees utmost precision, minimizing any potential discrepancies and instilling confidence in the test results.

Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment and containment strategies for respiratory pathogens. Tianlong's PCR detection kit, fortified by its robust internal control system, enables healthcare professionals to identify infectious agents with unparalleled confidence. This accuracy enhances patient care, prevents the spread of infections, and facilitates efficient resource allocation within healthcare settings.

Synergy with Tianlong nucleic acid extraction kit

To further optimize accuracy and usability, Tianlong's PCR detection kit seamlessly integrates with our nucleic acid extraction kit. This synergy ensures a streamlined workflow, providing healthcare professionals with a comprehensive solution for respiratory pathogen testing. The compatibility between these two products enhances the overall efficiency of the laboratory process, saving time and resources while maintaining exceptional accuracy.

The seamless integration allows for a simplified and user-friendly experience. The combined use of Tianlong's PCR detection kit and nucleic acid extraction kit eliminates compatibility issues and minimizes the risk of errors during sample preparation. This user-centric approach empowers laboratory personnel to focus on their expertise and deliver accurate results efficiently.


Tianlong's respiratory pathogen detection kit is a game-changer in the field of respiratory pathogen testing. With its advanced internal control system and seamless compatibility with the nucleic acid extraction kit, we provide healthcare professionals with accurate and user-friendly solutions for comprehensive genetic testing and molecular diagnostics.

Our commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation shines through our respiratory pathogen detection kit. By delivering enhanced accuracy and usability, we aim to revolutionize respiratory pathogen detection and improve patient outcomes. At Tianlong, we are dedicated to providing total solutions that empower healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to the betterment of global health.