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Enhancing Laboratory Testing Efficiency with the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System
Release Date 2024-01-22

Real-time PCR systems are essential tools for laboratory testing, providing accurate and timely results for a variety of applications. At Tianlong, we take pride in introducing our high-end solution, the Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, our system offers exceptional efficiency and reliability for laboratory professionals.


Accelerated Testing with 96 Samples Scanned in Just 7 Seconds


Time is a critical factor in laboratory testing, and the Gentier 96E delivers rapid results with its impressive scanning capabilities. Our system can scan 96 samples in just 7 seconds, significantly reducing testing time. This accelerated testing speed empowers researchers and scientists to expedite their experiments and workflows. By saving time, our system enhances productivity and efficiency, enabling our customers to advance their research and diagnostic capabilities.


Maximal Reliability and Efficiency for Laboratory Professionals


At Tianlong, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient Real-time PCR systems. The Gentier 96E is designed with precision and accuracy in mind, providing consistent and trustworthy results. Our system incorporates an enhanced temperature control mechanism based on the Peltier heating and cooling method. This ensures precise temperature control, with a maximum heating ramp rate of over 6.1℃/s and a maximum cooling ramp rate of over 5.0℃/s. With such superior temperature control, researchers can have confidence in the accuracy and reproducibility of their experimental outcomes.


Enhanced Temperature Control for Precise Results


Temperature control is a critical factor in Real-time PCR testing, as it directly affects the accuracy of the results. The Gentier 96E excels in this aspect with its advanced Peltier heating method. This technology enables rapid and precise temperature changes, ensuring optimal conditions for DNA amplification and fluorescence detection. With a temperature uniformity of ±0.1℃ and accuracy of ≤0.1℃, our system provides researchers with the confidence to achieve reliable and consistent results.


Versatile Configurations for Convenience and Flexibility


We understand that every laboratory has unique requirements and preferences. That's why the Gentier 96E offers two configurations to cater to different needs. Our standalone configuration features a user-friendly 10.4-inch touchscreen, providing an intuitive and convenient user experience. Alternatively, the PC control configuration allows researchers to seamlessly integrate the Gentier 96E into their existing laboratory setup, leveraging the power of PC software control. This flexibility ensures that our customers can choose the configuration that best suits their workflow and preferences.


Powerful Software Analysis for Comprehensive Data Interpretation


Accurate data analysis is essential for extracting meaningful insights from Real-time PCR experiments. Our Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System is equipped with powerful software analysis capabilities. Researchers can leverage various data analysis functions, including absolute and relative quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, and melting curve analysis. These features enable thorough data interpretation, empowering researchers to make informed decisions based on their experimental results.


Various Data Analysis Functions for Different Testing Needs


The Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System offers a wide range of data analysis functions to cater to diverse testing requirements. Whether performing relative quantification, absolute quantification, SNP analysis, or melting curve analysis, our system provides the necessary tools and algorithms for accurate and comprehensive data interpretation. This versatility allows researchers to delve deeper into their experiments and obtain valuable insights.


Fluorescence Channels and Dye Compatibility for Diverse Assays


Our Gentier 96E supports six fluorescence channels, offering compatibility with a wide range of dyes for diverse assays. Channel 1 accommodates dyes such as FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO 9, Eva Green, and LC Green, while Channel 2 supports HEX, VIC, TET, and JOE. Channel 3 is designed for ROX and Texas Red, and Channel 4 is for Cy5. Channel 5 supports Alexa Fluor 680, and Channel 6 is dedicated to FRET. This broad range of fluorescence channels and dye compatibility ensures the flexibility to perform various assays and experiments, meeting the diverse needs of researchers.


Thermal Gradient Capabilities and Sample Testing Linearity


The Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System includes a thermal gradient feature, allowing researchers to create temperature gradients ranging from 1℃ to 40℃. This capability is particularly useful for optimization experiments, such as thermal gradient PCR, long PCR, and touch-down PCR. Additionally, the system offers excellent linearity and repeatability in sample testing, with a linear correlation of /r/ ≥ 0.999 and a repeatability of cycle threshold (Ct) value CV ≤ 0.5%. These specifications ensure precise and reliable results, enabling researchers to confidently perform a wide range of experiments and assays.




The Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System is a state-of-the-art solution that revolutionizes laboratory testing efficiency. With its rapid scanning capabilities, precise temperature control, advanced software analysis, and versatile configurations, our system empowers researchers and scientists to achieve reliable and accurate results in less time. The broad range of data analysis functions, fluorescence channels, and dye compatibility further enhance the system's flexibility and usability. By choosing the Gentier 96E, laboratory professionals can optimize their workflows, increase productivity, and advance their research and diagnostic capabilities. Experience the power of the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System and take your laboratory testing to new heights.