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Optimize PCR Testing Accuracy with the Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System
Release Date 2024-01-19

The PCR test machine Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System is equipped with advanced scanning capabilities, allowing for rapid and efficient fluorescence scanning of all 96 wells in just 7 seconds. This remarkable feature significantly reduces testing time, enhancing the efficiency of lab professionals, and enabling them to process a higher volume of samples.


Rapid and Efficient Fluorescence Scanning


Our PCR test machine utilizes a high-brightness LED light source and incorporates a top scanning design, ensuring reliable and accurate fluorescence detection. By capturing precise and clear data, the Gentier 96E enables researchers to achieve more accurate and dependable results, providing a solid foundation for their scientific endeavors.


Precise Temperature Control and User-Friendly Configurations


At the heart of the Tianlong Gentier 96E system lies the Peltier heating method, which plays a crucial role in maintaining precise temperature control. This innovative technology allows for efficient heating and cooling rates, ensuring optimal PCR conditions for accurate and reproducible results. With the Gentier 96E, researchers can have confidence in the reliability of their experiments.


To cater to the diverse needs of our customers, the PCR test machine Gentier 96E offers two user-friendly configurations. The standalone configuration features a 10.4-inch touchscreen interface, providing intuitive control and operation. Alternatively, the PC control configuration allows for seamless control via PC software, offering flexibility and convenience. Our aim is to empower researchers with tools that facilitate their work and adapt to their preferred workflow.


Comprehensive Specifications for Enhanced Performance


The Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System boasts comprehensive specifications that contribute to its exceptional performance:


- Model: Gentier 96E

- Throughput: 1-96 samples

- Fluorescence Channels: 6

- Dye Compatibility: Channel 1: FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO 9, Eva Green, LC Green; Channel 2: HEX, VIC, TET, JOE; Channel 3: ROX, Texas Red; Channel 4: Cy5; Channel 5: Alexa Fluor 680; Channel 6: FRET


In addition to its impressive scanning capabilities, the Gentier 96E offers thermal gradient capabilities, enabling researchers to explore temperature variations across the sample plate. This feature allows for optimization of PCR conditions, resulting in improved amplification efficiency and more accurate data.


Our system's optical system is designed for sample testing linearity and repeatability, ensuring reliable and consistent results. With its precise temperature uniformity and accuracy, the Gentier 96E eliminates variability, providing researchers with the confidence they need in their experimental outcomes.


The Gentier 96E's software offers various functions to enhance user experience and experiment control. Researchers can choose between different control modes based on their preferences and requirements. The system also incorporates power failure protection, safeguarding valuable data and experiment progress. Additionally, data storage and retrieval are made easy with USB disk compatibility. Our software is designed to support key applications in the field, enabling researchers to perform a wide range of PCR experiments with accuracy and efficiency.




The Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System empowers researchers and lab professionals with its rapid and efficient fluorescence scanning, precise temperature control, and user-friendly configurations. Through comprehensive specifications and advanced software functions, our system ensures accurate and reliable results for our customers. Trust in Tianlong's commitment to delivering exceptional PCR test machines and achieving optimized accuracy in your PCR testing with the Gentier 96E Real-time PCR System.