PCR Solution: How Tianlong is Revolutionizing Genetic Testing and Molecular Diagnostics
Release Date 2023-07-18

Are you weary of using time-consuming and unreliable PCR techniques for your research or diagnostic procedures? Tianlong's PCR solution is the only option. The way researchers and diagnosticians approach polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is being revolutionized by this creative method. Prepare to advance your lab work with Tianlong's revolutionary technology! In this article, we'll introduce you to Tianlong, an innovative R&D company dedicated to genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, and showcase how our PCR solutions are revolutionizing the industry.


What is Tianlong?

Established in 1997, Tianlong is a domestic pioneer in the R&D and production of nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents. Our product line includes nucleic acid extractors, PCR thermal cyclers, real-time PCR systems, automatic nucleic acid workstations, and hundreds of compatible kits for extraction and detection. Tianlong products have obtained more than 70 China NMPA approvals and over 120 international approvals and certifications, making them a trusted name in the global market.

Tianlong's PCR Solutions

One of the key components of Tianlong's product line is our PCR solutions. Our PCR thermal cyclers are designed to provide rapid and accurate temperature control, ensuring optimal reaction conditions for DNA amplification. The real-time PCR systems offer high sensitivity and specificity, with fast cycling times, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including clinical diagnostics.

Total Solution Provider

Tianlong doesn't just offer PCR solutions; we also provide total solutions for genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. Our nucleic acid extractors (using magnetic beads method) and automatic nucleic acid workstations allow for quick and efficient DNA extraction, while our compatible kits for extraction and detection make it easy to perform a variety of genetic tests.

Contributions to Disease Prevention and Control

Tianlong products have been marketed in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, with applications in clinical diagnostics, epidemic prevention and control, food safety, and scientific research. During the COVID-19 pandemic and other major epidemics, including avian influenza and Ebola, Tianlong products and team have made significant contributions to disease prevention and control.


In conclusion, Tianlong is a trusted name in the genetic testing and molecular diagnostics industry, offering a wide range of PCR solutions and total solutions for DNA extraction and analysis. Our products have obtained numerous approvals and certifications, making them a reliable choice for medical professionals, researchers, and lab technicians worldwide. With our commitment to innovation and contribution to disease prevention and control, Tianlong is poised to make even more significant strides in the years ahead.