Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics: Unleashing the Power of Tianlong's Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System
Release Date 2023-08-15

As pioneers in molecular diagnostics, we at Tianlong are committed to advancing scientific research and healthcare through cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to empower scientists and clinicians with innovative tools that enable accurate and efficient testing. In this article, we proudly introduce the Gentier 48E Real-Time PCR System, a groundbreaking PCR analyzer system that revolutionizes polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing.


Benefits and Advantages of the Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System

The Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System brings a multitude of benefits and advantages to the table, setting new standards in PCR testing efficiency and accuracy.

Efficient and Accurate Testing:

With the ability to process 48 samples in a single test run, the Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System dramatically increases throughput. This not only saves time but also improves overall efficiency, allowing researchers and clinicians to achieve faster results without compromising accuracy.

Convenient Configurations:

The Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System offers two configuration options to cater to diverse laboratory needs. The standalone configuration features a user-friendly touchscreen interface and direct print capabilities, providing easy accessibility for individual users. On the other hand, the PC control configuration facilitates centralized management, enabling seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows within larger laboratories.

Power Failure Protection Design:

We understand the critical nature of PCR testing and the potential disruptions posed by power failures. That is why the Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System incorporates a robust power failure protection design. It automatically recovers from power interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted operation and eliminating concerns about data loss or compromised results.

Powerful Software Analysis:

Accurate interpretation and analysis of PCR data are paramount. The Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System is equipped with powerful software that offers multiple functions for data analysis. This includes compatibility with various fluorescence analysis techniques, providing researchers with greater flexibility and expanding the range of experiments that can be conducted.

User-Friendly and Portable:

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System boasts a compact and lightweight design. This portability allows for on-site testing, eliminating the need to transport samples and reducing turnaround time. Whether conducting research in the field or performing routine diagnostic tests, our analyzer system offers improved mobility without sacrificing performance.


In conclusion, the Gentier 48E PCR Analyzer System from Tianlong sets new benchmarks for efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in PCR testing. With its ability to process 48 samples simultaneously, convenient configurations, power failure protection design, powerful software analysis capabilities, and user-friendly portability, it revolutionizes the way molecular diagnostics are conducted.

At Tianlong, we take pride in our expertise and global presence in the field of molecular diagnostics. We invite readers to explore the range of products and solutions offered by Tianlong, as we continue to innovate and empower scientists and clinicians worldwide.

Together, let us unlock the full potential of molecular diagnostics and pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in healthcare.