Revolutionizing Nucleic Acid Extraction: We Introduce Tianlong's Automated Solutions
Release Date 2023-11-10

In the world of molecular diagnostics and genetic testing, precision and efficiency are paramount. At Tianlong, we understand the importance of streamlining laboratory processes and ensuring the accuracy of results. This is why we're excited to introduce our cutting-edge automated nucleic acid extraction solutions. In this article, we will delve into how Tianlong is changing the game in nucleic acid extraction with our innovative technology and high-quality systems.


Streamlining Nucleic Acid Extraction with Tianlong

Nucleic acid extraction is a critical step in molecular biology, and its efficiency can significantly impact research and diagnostics. With Tianlong's GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor, we've redefined the extraction process, making it more efficient and reliable than ever before.


1. Innovative Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT)

Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor features the groundbreaking Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT). RMT is the backbone of our extraction process, enabling us to reduce aerosol generation during experiments. This product not only minimizes the risk of false positive results due to cross-contamination but also ensures a quieter and more efficient operation.


2. High Throughput for Maximum Productivity

Tianlong's GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractors are designed to handle high throughput processing. With a 6x16 extraction module and compatibility with 96 deep well plates and six tube strips, our systems eliminate the limitations of fixed throughput. Whether you need to process one sample or 96 in a single run, we've got you covered, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in your laboratory workflow.


3. Confidence in Results with High Purification

When it comes to nucleic acid extraction, the purity of your samples is crucial. The GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor's systems ensure high purification levels, with less than 1% residual magnetic beads. This exceptional level of purification instills confidence in the reliability of your experimental results, setting a new standard for precision in molecular diagnostics.


4. UserFriendly Operation

At Tianlong, we prioritize user experience. Our automated nucleic acid extraction systems feature a built-in 7-inch full-color LCD touchscreen. This user-friendly interface simplifies operation, making experiment setup and monitoring a breeze. We believe that technology should empower researchers, not complicate their work, and our systems reflect this philosophy.



In the ever-evolving landscape of molecular diagnostics and genetic testing, Tianlong stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor, powered by Rotary Mixing Technology, offers unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendliness. Whether you're conducting research, diagnostic testing, or advancing scientific knowledge, our solutions are designed to elevate your work to new heights.


Experience the future of nucleic acid extraction with Tianlong. Join us on this journey of discovery and precision as we redefine the possibilities of automated nucleic acid extraction. Together, we're shaping a brighter, more efficient future for molecular biology and genetic testing.