Sets for the Tianlong Sample Collection: Ensuring Reliable Specimen Transportation and Storage
Release Date 2023-12-25

As a leading innovator in nucleic acid extractor technologies, our company, Tianlong, is committed to providing reliable detection reagents that deliver accurate test results. We understand the critical role that detection reagents play in various industries, and that's why our products are meticulously designed to meet the highest quality standards. With our range of reagent kits, we offer our customers the assurance of precise and dependable test outcomes. Explore our extensive selection to find the perfect solution for your laboratory's needs.


Sample Collection Set-T319H: Stability and Safety for Human Specimens


At Tianlong, we prioritize the stability and safety of human specimens with our T319H Sample Collection Set. Our products are specifically designed to prevent nucleic acid degradation during storage, ensuring that the collected samples remain intact and reliable for testing purposes. Additionally, our sample collection set effectively inactivates pathogens and reduces their infectivity, providing a safe working environment for laboratory personnel.


Detailed Specifications and Usage Information


When it comes to specimen storage and transportation, our T319H Sample Collection Set offers the necessary features for reliable performance. Here are some detailed specifications and usage information:


- Preventing nucleic acid degradation during storage: Our collection set maintains the integrity of nucleic acids, ensuring the accuracy of test results.

- Inactivating pathogens and reducing infectivity for safety: By effectively neutralizing pathogen proteins, our collection set minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures a safe testing environment.

- Storage and Stability: Store under room temperature; Validity period: 12 months.

- Usage: Our collection set is ideal for the storage and transportation of human specimens, providing convenience and peace of mind.


Sample Collection Set - T380H/T381H/T382H: Convenience and User-Friendly Design


At Tianlong, we understand the importance of convenience and user-friendliness in laboratory workflows. That's why our T380H/T381H/T382H Sample Collection Sets are designed to offer a seamless experience for specimen storage and transportation. With the ability to be stored and transported under room temperature, our collection sets provide a convenient solution for laboratories. Furthermore, our products effectively inactivate pathogen proteins, reducing their infectivity and ensuring the safety of the testing process.


Specifications and Usage Details for Different Medium Specifications


We recognize that laboratories have unique needs, which is why our T380H/T381H/T382H Sample Collection Sets come in different medium specifications. Here are some specifications and usage details:


- Product Name: Sample Collection Set

- Specifications: 100T/kit, 100T/kit, 100T/kit

- Preservation Solution: 3ml, Individual testing; 6ml, Pool testing (10 in 1); 12ml, Pool testing (20 in 1)

- Specimen Collection Method: Nasopharyngeal swab and Oropharyngeal swab

- Storage and Stability: Store under room temperature; Validity period: 12 months

- Usage: Designed for the storage and transportation of human specimens, catering to diverse laboratory requirements.




When it comes to reliable specimen storage and transportation, Tianlong is the trusted choice for laboratories worldwide. With our dedication to quality detection reagents and innovative solutions, we ensure accurate test results and the safety of laboratory personnel. Explore our range of sample collection sets and experience the superior performance and convenience that Tianlong offers. Join our list of satisfied customers who rely on us for their specimen storage needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our Sample Collection Sets can benefit your laboratory.