Tianlong PCR Solutions - Advancing Molecular Diagnostics with Innovation
Release Date 2023-08-11

We, Tianlong, are proud to be pioneers in the research and development as well as production of nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents. Our commitment to advancing molecular diagnostics has led us to develop a comprehensive product range that includes nucleic acid extractors, Tianlong PCR thermal cyclers, Real-Time PCR systems, and more. As a testament to our quality and reliability, we have obtained extensive domestic and international approvals and certifications, ensuring that our customers can trust in the accuracy and performance of our solutions.

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Tianlong's commitment to research and development

At Tianlong, we understand that innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We prioritize independent research and development to drive our long-term growth and ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry. Our R&D team consists of highly qualified experts with diverse backgrounds, who work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge solutions. We also collaborate with renowned institutions to leverage collective knowledge and expertise. These collaborations enable us to push boundaries and continuously improve our products. Our dedication to innovation has been recognized through key technical innovations and prestigious awards, proving our commitment to driving technological advancements in molecular diagnostics.

Cutting-edge PCR technologies by Tianlong

Our success lies in overcoming challenges and pushing the boundaries of PCR technologies. We have focused on critical areas such as nucleic acid extraction, rapid thermal cycling, integrated biosensing, and multiplexed nucleic acid detection. By addressing these challenges, we have significantly improved the speed, accuracy, and throughput of nucleic acid testing. Our innovative technologies enable faster and more efficient nucleic acid amplification and detection, empowering healthcare professionals with reliable results in a shorter time frame. Real-world applications showcase the impact of Tianlong PCR solutions in epidemic control and the detection of major diseases. From timely and accurate COVID-19 testing to the identification of genetic mutations associated with hereditary disorders, our solutions have played a vital role in improving public health outcomes.

Recognition and achievements

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous accolades, including national and provincial science and technology progress awards. These prestigious honors highlight the value and impact of our contributions to the field of molecular diagnostics. Our achievements in combating epidemics and ensuring public health and safety further reinforce our position as an industry leader. Customers worldwide trust Tianlong PCR products, recognizing us as a reliable partner in their quest for accurate and efficient nucleic acid testing. This level of recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, Tianlong is dedicated to advancing molecular diagnostics through innovative PCR solutions. Our comprehensive product range, coupled with our commitment to research and development, allows us to address the evolving needs of the industry. With cutting-edge technologies, we empower healthcare professionals with faster, more accurate, and more reliable nucleic acid testing capabilities. Our recognition and achievements showcase our leadership in the field, and the trust placed by customers worldwide drives us to continue pushing boundaries and revolutionizing molecular diagnostics.