Tianlong PCR Solutions - Unleashing the Power of Molecular Diagnostics
Release Date 2023-08-11

In this blog, we will explore how Tianlong PCR Solutions is unleashing the power of molecular diagnostics through its innovative product line. As a leading R&D company dedicated to genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, we at Tianlong are committed to revolutionizing the field and empowering professionals across various industries.


Molecular diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics plays a pivotal role in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and research. It enables personalized medicine, improves disease management, and enhances our understanding of genetic factors impacting human health. At Tianlong, we understand the significance of accurate and efficient genetic testing, which has led us to develop cutting-edge solutions that deliver unparalleled performance.

Tianlong's dedication

Our dedication to innovation and excellence is evident in our extensive investment in research and development. We have pioneered groundbreaking technologies and obtained patents that solidify our position as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized through prestigious awards and accolades, further establishing us as a trusted partner for genetic testing and molecular diagnostics.

Collaboration is at the heart of our success. We engage in strategic partnerships with global enterprises, leveraging collective expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions. These collaborations allow us to push the boundaries of molecular diagnostics, driving advancements that benefit professionals and patients alike.

Tianlong PCR

Allow us to introduce our flagship product line: Tianlong PCR Solutions. At the forefront is the Gentier Mini+, a breakthrough portable Real-Time PCR system that combines convenience, accuracy, and efficiency. Its compact design and rapid scanning capability make it ideal for mobile laboratories and on-site testing scenarios. The Gentier Mini+ offers versatile control modes, including standalone, computer software control, and remote control via tablet, ensuring flexibility based on user preferences.

The Gentier Mini+ also boasts powerful software analysis capabilities, enabling qualitative analysis, absolute and relative quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, and more. It empowers professionals to extract valuable insights from their data, facilitating informed decision-making. Additionally, the system provides instant result analysis options, allowing users to analyze results directly on the system or through PC software, depending on their laboratory setup.


We encourage you to explore the powerful capabilities of Tianlong PCR Solutions and discover how they can elevate your genetic testing and molecular diagnostic workflows. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the right solution for your specific needs.

Connect with us today to learn more about our products, expertise, and how we can collaborate to drive advancements in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. Together, let's unlock new possibilities and shape the future of healthcare through innovation and partnership.