Tianlong PCR System: Revolutionizing Genetic Testing and Molecular Diagnostics
Release Date 2023-07-18

Have you become weary of waiting for your DNA amplification to complete for hours? Tianlong PCR System produced by Tianlong, a ground-breaking method that can amplify DNA in just ten minutes, is your best option. This innovative technique has swept the scientific community off our feet and is now the method of choice for scientists all over the world. In this blog article, we'll go in-depth into Tianlong PCR System's operation and how it produces quicker, more effective outcomes. Get ready to learn about DNA amplification's future!


Introduction to Tianlong

Tianlong is a leading R&D company that specializes in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. It has been at the forefront of developing innovative technologies to improve healthcare outcomes. One of its groundbreaking products is the Tianlong PCR System, which has revolutionized the field of genetic testing.

What is Tianlong PCR System?

Tianlong PCR System is a polymerase chain reaction technology used for amplifying DNA sequences. It is one of the most widely used techniques in molecular biology and diagnostic laboratories. The Tianlong PCR System is a highly sensitive and specific method that allows for the detection of even small amounts of DNA.

Why is Tianlong PCR System important?

The Tianlong PCR System has numerous applications in medical and research settings. It is used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, identification of genetic disorders, detection of pathogens, and monitoring of disease progression. With its high accuracy and sensitivity, the Tianlong PCR System has become an essential tool for healthcare professionals.

Products from Tianlong are now widely used in scientific research, food safety, clinical diagnosis, and the prevention and control of epidemics. Tianlong's products and staff have significantly aided in disease prevention and control during the COVID-19 pandemic and other big epidemics, such as avian influenza and Ebola.

Advantages of using the Tianlong PCR System

Compared to conventional PCR techniques, the Tianlong PCR System offers several advantages. It is faster, more accurate, and requires less starting material. This means that it can be used with a wide range of sample types, including blood, saliva, and tissue. Additionally, the Tianlong PCR System is cost-effective, making it accessible to a broader range of users.


In conclusion, Tianlong PCR System has made significant contributions to the field of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. Its sensitivity, specificity, and speed have made it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals worldwide. As Tianlong continues to innovate and develop new technologies, we can expect to see even more advancements in the field of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics in the future.