Tianlong's All-in-One System: Advancing Molecular Diagnostics with the Panall 8000
Release Date 2023-12-25

At Tianlong, our company is dedicated to perfecting nucleic acid extractor technologies and Real-time PCR devices. We understand the critical role that accurate and efficient molecular diagnostics play in healthcare. It is with this commitment to innovation that we introduce the Panall 8000 All-in-One System—a testament to our continuous efforts to advance the field of molecular diagnostics.


How the Panall 8000 Streamlines Molecular Diagnostics with its Advanced Features


The Panall 8000 sets a new standard in molecular diagnosis systems by streamlining the entire process. Through our advanced features, we have created a device that simplifies and enhances every step of the workflow. From nucleic acid extraction to PCR setup and result analysis, our customers can rely on the Panall 8000 for efficient and accurate molecular diagnostics.


Understanding the Sample-in-Result-Out System and Its Benefits in Reducing Contamination


The Panall 8000 introduces a sample-in-result-out system that revolutionizes molecular diagnostics. By integrating all necessary steps into a closed system, we minimize the risk of contamination and ensure the integrity of your samples. Our innovative design eliminates the need for external transfers, reducing the potential for errors and delivering reliable results for our customers.


The Intuitive 12.1-inch Touchscreen Interface for Effortless Operation


We understand the importance of user-friendly interfaces in laboratory equipment. That's why the Panall 8000 features an intuitive 12.1-inch touchscreen interface. With this easy-to-navigate system, operators can effortlessly control and monitor the device, enhancing efficiency and reducing the learning curve. Our aim is to provide a seamless experience that empowers our customers to focus on their work without unnecessary complications.


Efficient and Precise: With Panall 8000, Spending Less Time Interpreting Results

Result interpretation can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. At Tianlong, we have addressed this challenge with the Panall 8000. Our device eliminates the need for manual result interpretation by providing clear and concise output. This ensures that our customers receive accurate and reliable outcomes, avoiding potential discrepancies and enabling confident decision-making in molecular diagnostics.


The Future of PCR is Here: The Panall 8000's Dazzling Features Deliver World-Class Results

The Panall 8000 All-in-One Molecular Diagnostic System boasts impressive specifications that meet the demanding needs of modern laboratories. With a high sample throughput capability, our device enables efficient processing of multiple samples simultaneously. The wide pipetting range accommodates various sample volumes, providing flexibility in experimental design. Additionally, the Panall 8000 offers fast detection times, reducing turnaround times and enhancing productivity for our customers.


The Versatility of Available Fluorescent Channels for a Wide Range of Applications


Our All-in-One Molecular Diagnostic System supports multiple fluorescent channels, allowing for a broad range of applications. With options such as FAM, SYBR Green I, VIC, HEX, TET, JOE, ROX, Texas Red, and Cy5, our customers can tailor their experiments to suit specific research needs. This versatility ensures that the Panall 8000 adapts to various molecular diagnostic assays, expanding the possibilities for our customers.


Compact Design and Manageable Weight for Seamless Integration into Laboratory Setups


We understand the importance of space optimization and easy integration in laboratory setups. The Panall 8000 All-in-One Molecular Diagnostic System features a compact design and manageable weight, making it effortless to incorporate into existing workflows. Our aim is to provide a device that seamlessly integrates with your laboratory environment, empowering you to maximize efficiency without compromising space constraints.




In conclusion, Tianlong's Panall 8000 All-in-One Molecular Diagnostic System is an exceptional advancement in molecular diagnostics. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the streamlined sample-in-result-out system, intuitive touchscreen interface, and elimination of result interpretation. With unparalleled performance, including high sample throughput, versatile fluorescent channels, and a compact design, the Panall 8000 is the ideal solution for laboratories seeking accurate and efficient molecular diagnostics. Trust Tianlong's All-in-One Molecular Diagnostic System to propel your laboratory's capabilities and provide reliable results for your valued customers.