Tianlong's Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit: Accurate Identification of Common Respiratory Pathogens
Release Date 2024-03-06

At Tianlong, we understand the challenges healthcare professionals face when it comes to accurately identifying respiratory pathogens. Symptoms of respiratory viral infections caused by influenza, adenovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus can be similar and hard to differentiate. That's why we have developed the Tianlong Respiratory Multiplex Pathogens Nucleic Acid Detection Kit. This advanced kit utilizes the fluorescence PCR method to provide a reliable solution for the qualitative detection and identification of 17 common respiratory pathogens. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Tianlong's respiratory pathogen detection kit.


Accurate Identification of Respiratory Pathogens

Tianlong's respiratory pathogen detection kit is designed to accurately identify 17 common respiratory pathogens. These include influenza, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, and many others. By using oropharyngeal swab samples obtained from individuals suspected of respiratory tract infections, healthcare professionals can rely on the kit's qualitative detection capabilities to identify the specific pathogens causing the infection. This accurate identification is crucial for proper treatment and management of respiratory infections.


Fluorescence PCR Method for Reliable Results

Our respiratory pathogen detection kit utilizes the fluorescence PCR method, ensuring reliable and consistent results. The freeze-dried nature of the kit's components minimizes the risk of degradation and allows for stable and long-term storage. The fluorescence PCR method offers high sensitivity and specificity, enabling healthcare professionals to confidently rely on the results obtained from the kit. With Tianlong's kit, you can trust in the accuracy of your respiratory pathogen identification.


Comprehensive Panel of Respiratory Pathogens

With Tianlong's respiratory pathogen detection kit, you gain access to a comprehensive panel of 17 common respiratory pathogens. This broad range of pathogens allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of respiratory infections, reducing the chances of misdiagnosis or overlooking a potential pathogen. By covering a wide spectrum of respiratory pathogens, our kit ensures that healthcare professionals have the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding patient care.


Simplified Testing Process

We understand the importance of efficiency in healthcare settings. That's why our respiratory pathogen detection kit offers a simplified testing process. The kit includes all the necessary components and reagents, eliminating the need for additional purchases or complex preparation steps. By using oropharyngeal swab samples, healthcare professionals can collect specimens easily and quickly. The simplified testing process saves time and resources, allowing for a more streamlined workflow.


Enhanced Patient Care and Management

By accurately identifying respiratory pathogens with Tianlong's detection kit, healthcare professionals can improve patient care and management. Early and accurate identification of the causative pathogens allows for targeted treatment strategies, reducing unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and improving patient outcomes. With our kit, healthcare providers can make informed decisions for patient care, minimizing the risks associated with misdiagnosis or delayed treatment.



Tianlong's Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit is a reliable and effective solution for the qualitative detection and identification of common respiratory pathogens. With its accuracy, comprehensive panel simplified testing process, and enhanced patient care capabilities, our kit is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. Trust in Tianlong's expertise and commitment to providing high-quality diagnostic solutions for respiratory infections. Choose our respiratory pathogen detection kit for accurate and reliable results, supporting better healthcare outcomes for patients.