Transforming Nucleic Acid Extraction with Tianlong: Your Trusted Partner
Release Date 2023-11-10

At Tianlong, we are committed to revolutionizing the world of molecular diagnostics with our cutting-edge nucleic acid extraction systems. As a pioneer in the field, we understand the critical role that efficient and accurate nucleic acid extraction plays in research, diagnostics, and disease control. In this article, we will explore how Tianlong's innovative nucleic acid extraction systems are changing the game and setting new standards in the industry.


Incorporating Innovative Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT)

At Tianlong, we take pride in our commitment to innovation. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor stands as a testament to this commitment. With our innovative Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT), we have revolutionized the nucleic acid extraction process. RMT minimizes aerosol generation during purification, reducing the risk of false positives due to cross-contamination. Plus, it operates quietly, ensuring a conducive laboratory environment.


High Throughput for Versatile Applications

We understand that laboratories have diverse needs. That's why our GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor is designed for high throughput. It can accommodate both 96 deep well plates and 6 strip tubes, offering flexibility in sample extraction. Whether you need to process one sample or up to 96 in a single run, we've got you covered.


Intuitive 7 Inch Color Touch Screen

We prioritize user convenience. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor features a 7-inch full-color LCD touch screen, simplifying the operation of experiments. With an intuitive interface, you can navigate the system effortlessly, ensuring a seamless workflow.


Protecting You and Your Environment

Your safety is our priority. The GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor is equipped with a negative-pressure ventilation design and replaceable HEPA filtration. This ensures that the exhaust air from the system is free from biological hazards, creating a secure laboratory environment for you and your team.


High Purification for Confidence

We understand that reliable results are paramount in your research or diagnostics. The GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor offers high purification efficiency, leaving less than 1% residual magnetic beads after extraction. With such high-quality purification, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your experimental results.



In the ever-evolving field of molecular diagnostics, Tianlong is your trusted partner. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extraction system sets the bar high, offering innovative features, high throughput, user-friendly operation, and safety enhancements. When you choose Tianlong, you choose excellence in nucleic acid extraction, empowering your research and diagnostics with reliable results. Join us in shaping the future of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics.