Unleash Innovation with Tianlong: Real-Time PCR Machines Redefining Diagnostics
Release Date 2023-11-10

At Tianlong, we have taken pride in revolutionizing genetic testing and molecular diagnostics since our establishment in 1997. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology has positioned us as a pioneer in the development and production of nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents. One of our stellar offerings is the state-of-the-art Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real-Time PCR System. This exceptional real-time exemplifies our dedication to precision, efficiency, and reliability in diagnostics.


Elevating Diagnostics with Gentier Mini+: A Glimpse into Innovation


Compact and Portable

The Gentier Mini+ stands as a testament to our emphasis on user convenience and portability. Its compact design ensures it can be seamlessly integrated into various laboratory settings. This remarkable real-time PCR machine offers portability without compromising on performance.


Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

In the fast-paced world of diagnostics, speed and accuracy are paramount. The Gentier Mini+ impresses with its ability to scan 16 wells of fluorescence in just one second. This rapid scanning capability, coupled with precise analysis, ensures swift and accurate results, making it an indispensable tool for researchers and clinicians alike.


Versatility in Control Modes

Flexibility in operation is crucial for accommodating diverse research requirements. The Gentier Mini+ offers various control modes, providing researchers with the freedom to tailor experiments to their specific needs. This adaptability sets our real-time PCR machine apart in the field of molecular diagnostics.


The Tianlong Advantage: Real-Time PCR Excellence

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Tianlong products have received over 120 international approvals and certifications, including those from the European Union, the United States, South Korea, and more. The Gentier Mini+ is a testament to our unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding global quality and regulatory standards.


Global Impact on Epidemic Control

Our real-time PCR machines have played a pivotal role in combating major epidemics such as avian influenza, Ebola, swine fever, and most notably, the COVID-19 pandemic. The Gentier Mini+ has been instrumental in rapid and accurate detection, contributing significantly to disease prevention and control efforts worldwide.


Future-Ready Technology

Tianlong's relentless pursuit of technological advancement is evident in the innovation behind the Gentier Mini+. Its integrated features and superior performance represent a leap forward in real-time PCR technology. We're not just keeping pace; we're setting new benchmarks.



With the Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real-Time PCR System, Tianlong reaffirms its commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability in the realm of molecular diagnostics. Our products, backed by decades of research and development, continue to make a positive impact in clinical diagnostics, epidemic prevention, and scientific research globally. Explore the future of diagnostics with Tianlong.