Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (For HCMV/EB DNA Extraction-GeneFlex)-Reagents

    • Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (For HCMV/EB DNA Extraction-GeneFlex)

      The HCMV/EB DNA Extraction Kit (GeneFlex) is intended for rapidly extracting HCMV/ EB DNA from serum, plasma, urine, whole blood and swab samples, The extracted HCMV/ EB DNA is of high purity and stability and can be used in a variety of routine operations, including enzyme digestion, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA lilbrary constructions, Southern hybridization and blotting and other experiments.

      The HCMV/EB DNA Extraction Kit (GeneFlex)is intended to be used by professionals, such as biotechnologists, microbiologists, clinical technicians and physicians who are trained in molecular and biological techniques.

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