Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (For Pet Diagnosis-GeneFlex)-Reagents

    • Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (For Pet Diagnosis-GeneFlex)

      The Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit For Pet Diagnosis-GeneFlex offers biological buffer, maintains normal PH value of organism and stability of nucleic acid and prevents nucleic acid degradation. Besides, the product can inactivate the advanced structure of pathogenprotein, deprive biological activity and reduce infectivity and pathogenicity. The product is designed to rapidly extract viral DNA and RNA from nasopharyngeal swabs and environmental samples. The extracted viral DNA and RNA are of high purity and stability and can be used in a variety of routine operations, including enzyme digestion, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), DNA library constructions, Southern hybridization and blotting and other experiments.

      The Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (For Pet Diagnosis-GeneFlex) is intended to be used by professionals, such as biotechnologists, microbiologists, clinical technicians, and physicians who are trained in molecular and biological techniques.

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