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    • Folic Acid Personalized Medication Solutions-Maternal Health

      Folate (referring to the group of B9 vitamins) is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in the one-carbon metabolic pathway and is required for rapid cell proliferation and tissue growth of the uterus and the placenta, growth of the fetus and expansion of the maternal blood volume, etc.

      As a dietary micronutrient, folate cannot be synthesized by humans, but are widely distributed in a variety of green leafy vegetables and fruits. However, folate intakes from natural food have been increasingly recognized as a suboptimal resource for many individuals, especially for those preparing for or under pregnancy, owing to: 1) dietary folates are rather unstable whose vitamin activity can easily be damaged during food processing; 2) the bioavailability of the natural food folates is usually incomplete due to varied physiological conditions towards dietary folate interventions 23, Therefore. exogenous folic acid supplementation is necessary for health outcomes in pregnancy, and prevention of birth and growth defects for infants and adolescents.

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Product NameSpecificationSpecimenTarget Gene Location

Universa Sequencing 

Detection Kit (SNP-U1)

20 T/Kit

2 mL of EDTA anticoagulated 

whole blood

MTHFR (C. 677 C>T)

MTHFR (C.1298 A>C)

MTRR (C.66 A>G)

Universa Sequencing

Detection Kit


Specification20 T/Kit

2 mL of EDTA


whole blood

Target Gene Location

MTHFR (C. 677 C>T)

MTHFR (C.1298 A>C)

MTRR (C.66 A>G

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