Unpacking the PANA9600X: Elevating Nucleic Acid Analysis and Its Applications
Release Date 2023-09-26

The modern-day laboratory largely depends on the right equipment. The necessary equipment is crucial for the effectiveness of nucleic acid analysis in disease detection and spread control [1]. The PANA9600X automatic nucleic acid workstation provides an all-in-one solution. We will explore this workstation and its features and look at the different applications where it can be helpful.



Key Features of the Tianlong PANA9600X Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation

Understanding the main features of the Tianlong PANA9600X Nucleic Acid Workstation is a good starting point, as it helps you realize what it can do for your scenario. We will look closer at the nucleic acid extraction and analysis advantages this workstation can bring to laboratories and point-of-care settings.

1. Highly automated workflow: The PANA9600X Nucleic Acid Workstation offers an automated solution that can significantly enhance efficiency within the workplace. With a highly automated workflow, this system can help with nucleic acid analysis from 96 sample tubes within just one button.

2. High-throughput: A high throughput means you can work on multiple samples simultaneously. This can significantly save time compared to some of the more basic devices that only handle a few sample testing procedures simultaneously.

3. High flexibility: You also get a high flexibility rate with this All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System. This system can be set up simultaneously with various sample types and extraction kits. This ensures it can be used for a larger variety of cases.

4. Rapid extraction: With the rapid extraction function, there is no need to wait several hours before you can provide a diagnostics report. The process includes automatic capping/uncapping, sample information scanning, sample loading, PCR system setup, and other reagent work, all completed within 40-80 minutes.

5. Reliable results: Cross-contamination can be reduced, and accurate results can be ensured through nucleic acid extraction rotary mixing, HEPA filters, intelligent droplet capture, strict partitioning, and UV sterilization technology.

6. Smart information technology: Intelligent sample scanning, reagent information recognition, and visual consumable identification can easily connect with LIS (Laboratory Information System).

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Applications of the Tianlong PANA9600X Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation

There are also various areas where the PANA9600X can be used. Let’s explore some nucleic acid analysis scenarios of where the workstation can be applied.

1. Nucleic acid extraction: In the healthcare setting, it’s possible to use the workstation to assist with disease detection. This is crucial for molecular diagnostic tests, including PCR, qPCR, and next-generation sequencing, for identifying genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and personalized medicine.

2. Drug discovery and development: The diverse selection of programs can help research new drugs, discover new pharmaceutical approaches to disease, and more. Researchers can analyze the effects of potential drugs on gene expression and cellular pathways more effectively.

3. Research and academic studies: In academic studies, the workstation plays a vital role in providing accurate data that can be recorded. This includes fields like cell biology, biochemistry, and microbiology.

4. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation: You can also turn to this workstation when preparing libraries for next-generation sequencing projects.

5. PCR setup and reaction preparation: The workstation also helps prepare a standard polymerase chain reaction setup for testing purposes.

6. Forensics: In forensics, this type of device allows you to provide nucleic acid analysis that can become vital parts of the evidence in a case. Automation ensures accurate, consistent results and reduces the risk of human error.


Importance of the Tianlong PANA9600X Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation

The Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation automates nucleic acid extraction, purification, and sample preparation, revolutionizing workflows and enhancing research and diagnostic capabilities across various fields.

A nucleic acid analysis can play a crucial role in ensuring diagnostics can proceed quickly [2], help discover and develop new drugs, and can be helpful in forensic cases. The proper workstation is the first step - and this is where the Tianlong PANA9600X comes into play. The device uses advanced technologies, coupled with consistent research from the Tianlong experts, to bring the latest features to the laboratory.

The system is also easy to use and provides a high level of efficiency - which reduces downtime in the lab and ensures technicians can work on other important tasks while conducting a nucleic acid extraction.


Tianlong specializes in producing various tools that can be helpful during the nucleic acid analysis process. Choosing the right workstation for nucleic acid analysis is incredibly important. We are an ideal and experienced research and development partner with various workstations and equipment. The offers from Tianlong ensure laboratories, testing facilities, forensic departments, and other areas have the right tools for fast, accurate results. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can become valuable partners for your business.



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