Driving Molecular Diagnostics Forward: Tianlong's Real-Time PCR Systems and Commitment to Excellence
Release Date 2023-08-11

Welcome to the world of Tianlong! As a proud member of Tianlong, we are excited to share our journey in revolutionizing molecular diagnostics. In this blog post, we will explore the exceptional work of our talented R&D team, our applications, business coverage, corporate culture, and social responsibilities. Join us as we delve into how Tianlong is shaping the future of Real-Time PCR systems.

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Corporate culture 

At Tianlong, we have a clear mission: to create first-class molecular diagnostic products and establish ourselves as a national brand. Our goal is to become an industrial leader globally in molecular diagnostics, driving innovation and setting new standards in the field.

To achieve these ambitions, we embrace a vibrant corporate culture characterized by passion, creativity, and collaboration. Our team at Tianlong adheres to core values such as integrity, professionalism, and customer-centricity. We nurture talent through comprehensive talent guidelines that encourage growth, learning, and continuous improvement. Together, we have established an internal consensus based on mutual respect, open communication, and teamwork.

Social responsibilities

As a responsible corporate citizen, Tianlong is committed to serving society with love and responsibility. During major epidemics, our contributions have played a crucial role in disease prevention and control. For instance, when faced with outbreaks like COVID-19, avian influenza, and Ebola, our Real-Time PCR systems provided rapid and accurate results, empowering healthcare professionals and authorities to make informed decisions swiftly.

Tianlong's journey in driving molecular diagnostics forward has been shaped by our strong R&D team and their technical innovations. Our Real-Time PCR systems have found diverse applications, enabling accurate disease identification, aiding epidemic prevention efforts, ensuring food safety, and facilitating scientific research.


In conclusion, Tianlong's social responsibilities are integral to our identity. We serve society with love and responsibility, making significant contributions during major epidemics and addressing critical healthcare challenges. We are driven by values that prioritize both customer value and social values, and we actively engage in initiatives that benefit communities and promote public welfare.

As we move forward, Tianlong remains committed to excellence, innovation, and customer value. We will continue to push the boundaries of molecular diagnostics, delivering cutting-edge solutions that make a positive impact on human well-being. Together, let us embrace the possibilities unlocked by Tianlong's Real-Time PCR systems and drive transformative change for a better future.