Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics: The Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System by Tianlong
Release Date 2023-08-11

At Tianlong, we take pride in being a leading enterprise in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. With an unwavering commitment to independent research and development, we strive for long-term high-quality development. Our skilled R&D team, in collaboration with renowned institutions, empowers us to introduce cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the field of molecular diagnostics.


Application of the Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System

The Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System is a true game-changer with its wide range of applications. In clinical diagnostics, it enables accurate and rapid detection of various diseases, allowing healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions for patient care. During major epidemics, such as SARS, MERS, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our products, including the Gentier 96E, have played a pivotal role in disease prevention and control.

In the realm of food safety, the Gentier 96E ensures reliable detection of pathogens and contaminants, safeguarding public health. Additionally, in scientific research, our system facilitates gene expression analysis, genotyping, and other molecular biology experiments, empowering researchers to unlock new insights and drive innovation.

Benefits of the Gentier 96E

The Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System offers numerous benefits that set it apart from the competition. Firstly, its exceptional speed saves valuable time, as it can scan 96 wells of fluorescence in just 7 seconds. This efficiency significantly enhances laboratory productivity, enabling faster turnaround times for test results.

Moreover, the Gentier 96E boasts an efficient temperature control system, ensuring precise and reliable results. With a maximum heating ramp rate exceeding 6.1℃/s and a maximum cooling ramp rate surpassing 5.0℃/s, it provides optimal conditions for gene amplification. This level of temperature control minimizes the risk of experimental errors and guarantees accuracy.

We understand that convenience is paramount, which is why we offer two configurations for the Gentier 96E. Whether you prefer a standalone configuration or a PC control configuration, our system seamlessly integrates into your laboratory workflow, adapting to your specific needs.

Furthermore, the Gentier 96E's powerful software analysis capabilities elevate its functionality. With various data analysis functions for quantitative and qualitative analysis, our system enables comprehensive testing and in-depth insights. Researchers and diagnosticians can confidently interpret results and make informed decisions based on robust data analysis.


The Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System by Tianlong has revolutionized molecular diagnostics across a broad spectrum of applications. From clinical diagnostics and epidemic control to food safety and scientific research, it empowers professionals with reliable, efficient, and accurate results.

Join us as we shape the future of molecular diagnostics, driven by innovation and backed by our unwavering mission to improve global healthcare. Together, let's pave the way for a healthier and brighter tomorrow.