Streamline Nucleic Acid Extraction with the Tianlong GeneRotex 96 System
Release Date 2023-12-25

At Tianlong, we have developed a cutting-edge solution to enhance the accuracy and reliability of automated nucleic acid extraction. Our GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor incorporates innovative Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT), which revolutionizes the extraction process. This advanced technology significantly reduces aerosol generation and minimizes the risks of cross-contamination, ensuring precise and dependable results for our customers.


Reducing Aerosol Generation and Cross-Contamination Risks

With RMT, the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor employs a unique rotary mixing motion during the extraction process. This motion reduces aerosol generation, preventing potential contamination and false positive results. By minimizing cross-contamination risks, our customers can trust the integrity and accuracy of their extracted nucleic acids.


Increased Experiment Accuracy and Confidence

By utilizing Tianlong's GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor with RMT, laboratories can achieve increased experiment accuracy and confidence. The precise and controlled mixing motion ensures optimal sample homogeneity, enabling consistent extraction efficiency across all samples. With our automated extraction system, researchers can rely on reproducible and reliable results, enhancing the overall quality of their scientific investigations.


High Throughput and Efficiency with the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor

At Tianlong, we understand the importance of high throughput and efficient nucleic acid extraction processes. The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor is designed to accommodate 96 deep-well plates and 6 tube strips. This compatibility allows laboratories to extract a wide range of samples simultaneously, maximizing throughput and saving valuable time.


Flexible Extraction Options: 1 to 96 Samples per Run

Our GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor offers the flexibility to handle varying sample sizes and volumes. With the ability to extract from 1 to 96 samples per run, researchers can tailor their extraction protocols to meet specific experimental requirements. This adaptability empowers laboratories to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity while maintaining the highest standards of sample integrity.


Minimizing Reagent Waste and Inconveniences of Fixed Throughput

Traditional extraction systems often suffer from fixed throughput, leading to unnecessary reagent waste and operational inconveniences. However, with the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor, our customers can overcome these limitations. Our system's flexible extraction options allow researchers to process the exact number of samples required for each experiment, minimizing reagent waste and maximizing cost-effectiveness.


Specifications and Features of the GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor

The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor features a user-friendly 7-inch color touchscreen interface. Our intuitive design ensures easy operation, allowing researchers to navigate through the extraction process effortlessly. With clear visual guidance and simple controls, our customers can operate the system with confidence, optimizing their workflow efficiency.


Negative Pressure System with HEPA Filtration for Contamination Control

Maintaining a contamination-free environment is vital for reliable nucleic acid extraction. Our GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor incorporates a negative pressure system with replaceable HEPA filtration. This advanced feature ensures that the exhausted air is free from biological hazards, safeguarding the integrity of samples and protecting laboratory personnel.


High Purification and Reliable Results with <1% Magnetic Bead Residue

The GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor guarantees high purification efficiency, with less than 1% residual amount of magnetic beads. Our meticulous design and rigorous quality control processes ensure that our customers obtain purified nucleic acids of the highest quality. With reliable results and minimal contamination risks, researchers can advance their scientific endeavors with confidence.




In conclusion, the Tianlong GeneRotex 96 Nucleic Acid Extractor revolutionizes the automated nucleic acid extraction process. Our innovative Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT) reduces aerosol generation and cross-contamination risks, ensuring accurate and reliable results. With high throughput, flexibility, and advanced features such as a 7-inch color touchscreen and HEPA filtration, our customers can streamline their nucleic acid extraction workflows and achieve optimal efficiency and integrity in their scientific research. Trust Tianlong for automated extraction solutions that meet your laboratory's needs.