Advanced Nucleic Acid Extraction with Tianlong's GeneRotex 96
Release Date 2023-12-25

When it comes to advanced nucleic acid extraction, Tianlong is at the forefront of innovation. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extraction system combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to deliver precise and reliable results.


Cutting-Edge Technology for Precise Extraction


At our company, we understand the importance of ease of use in laboratory equipment. That's why the GeneRotex 96 is equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen. This intuitive interface allows for easy operation, ensuring that researchers can focus on their experiments without the hassle of complex controls.


One of the standout features of the GeneRotex 96 is our innovative rotary mixing technology (RMT). With RMT, we have revolutionized the extraction process by reducing aerosol generation and minimizing cross-contamination. Our customers can now have peace of mind knowing that their samples are handled with utmost care, resulting in accurate and reliable nucleic acid extraction.


Efficient and Versatile Extraction


When it comes to nucleic acid extraction, efficiency and versatility are key. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor is designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories, offering an array of features and specifications that ensure efficient and versatile extraction.


With the GeneRotex 96, our customers can achieve high throughput extraction. The system is capable of processing 1 to 96 samples per run, saving valuable time and resources. Whether our customers are working on small-scale experiments or large-scale projects, they can rely on the GeneRotex 96 to deliver consistent and efficient extraction results.


We take pride in the accuracy and precision of our GeneRotex 96. The system's inter-well extraction difference is kept within a CV ≤3%, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. Researchers can trust that their samples will be handled consistently, reducing the risk of experimental variability.


Enhanced Safety and Control


At Tianlong, we prioritize the safety and control of our customers' experiments. The GeneRotex 96 is equipped with a negative pressure system featuring HEPA filtration. This advanced system ensures effective contamination control by capturing any biological hazards. Our customers can work with confidence, knowing that their laboratory environment remains clean and free from potential contaminants.


Reliable results are paramount in nucleic acid extraction. That's why the GeneRotex 96 is designed to minimize any residual magnetic beads, with less than 1% remaining after extraction. This level of purity is crucial for downstream applications, where high-quality nucleic acids are essential for accurate analysis.


To further enhance efficiency and workflow, our GeneRotex 96 offers flexible protocol management and automatic control. Researchers can easily customize and manage their protocols, adapting them to their specific extraction requirements. The motor-driven automatic opening and closing of the experiment cabinet streamline the workflow, saving valuable time and effort.




In conclusion, Tianlong's GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extraction system is the ultimate solution for advanced and precise extraction. With our cutting-edge technology, high throughput capabilities, and enhanced safety features, our customers can trust in the reliability and efficiency of our products. Join the ranks of researchers worldwide who have chosen Tianlong for their nucleic acid extraction needs and experience the difference that our GeneRotex 96 can make in your laboratory.