Streamline Nucleic Acid Extraction with Tianlong's GeneRotex 96
Release Date 2023-12-25

At Tianlong, we understand the importance of reliable nucleic acid extraction for accurate scientific research and diagnostic applications. That's why we have developed the GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extraction system, incorporating innovative technology to streamline the extraction process.


Innovative Technology for Reliable Extraction


Our GeneRotex 96 features revolutionary rotary mixing technology (RMT), which sets it apart from traditional extraction systems. With RMT, we have significantly reduced aerosol generation during the purification process. This not only ensures the safety of laboratory personnel but also minimizes the risk of false positive results caused by cross-contamination. By incorporating RMT, we have increased the accuracy and reliability of experiment results, providing our customers with the confidence they need in their research and diagnostics.


High Throughput and Efficiency


When it comes to nucleic acid extraction, efficiency and throughput are crucial factors. Our GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor is designed to meet the demands of high-throughput laboratories and research institutions. With its advanced features and specifications, our system offers unparalleled efficiency.


The GeneRotex 96 is compatible with 96 deep-well plates and six tube strips, allowing for simultaneous extraction of multiple samples. This capability significantly reduces processing time and increases productivity in the laboratory. Our customers can now process from 1 to 96 samples per run, saving valuable time and resources.


Superior Performance and Flexibility


At Tianlong, we strive to provide our customers with superior performance and flexibility in their nucleic acid extraction processes. The GeneRotex 96 is equipped with a negative pressure system featuring HEPA filtration, ensuring enhanced safety and contamination control. The system effectively captures and filters any biological hazards, providing a clean and safe working environment.


Furthermore, our GeneRotex 96 ensures high purification and reliable results. With less than 1% residual magnetic beads, our customers can have confidence in the integrity of their extracted nucleic acids. This level of purification is crucial for downstream applications, such as PCR, sequencing, and other molecular biology techniques.


To further enhance usability, the GeneRotex 96 offers flexible program storage, protocol management, and automatic control. Our customers can easily create, edit, and delete protocols, allowing for customization to their specific extraction requirements. The motor-driven automatic opening and closing of the experiment cabinet simplifies the workflow and ensures consistent and reproducible results.




In conclusion, Tianlong's GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extraction system is the ultimate solution for streamlining the extraction process. With our innovative technology, high throughput capabilities, and superior performance, we provide our customers with reliable and efficient nucleic acid extraction. Trust in our products and join the countless researchers and laboratories worldwide who have chosen Tianlong for their nucleic acid extraction needs.