Tianlong's Commitment to Technological Advancements in In Vitro Diagnostic Devices
Release Date 2023-08-08

As a member of Tianlong, we are proud to introduce our company as a pioneer in the research and development of in vitro diagnostic devices and reagents. With a strong dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

Strategic partnerships and industrial leadership

At Tianlong, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships with global enterprises to position ourselves as leaders in professional in vitro diagnostic device. Through collaborations with renowned organizations, we have forged strong alliances that enable us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our commitment to craftsmanship, perfectionism, and continuous improvement drives us to deliver products that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

R&D team and independent research

Behind our success lies the strength of our R&D team, consisting of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about their work. Our team collaborates with renowned institutions globally, sharing knowledge and expertise to drive innovation. We believe in independent research and development as the driving force behind our long-term high-quality development. This approach enables us to create cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced by our customers.

Technical innovations and achievements

Tianlong is proud of the continuous pursuit of technological innovation. We have overcome significant challenges in nucleic acid extraction, developing methods that eliminate cross-contamination and ensure reliable results. Additionally, our rapid thermal cycling technology incorporates improved temperature uniformity, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of nucleic acid detection. Integration of MEMS biosensing and multiplexed nucleic acid detection technologies has further revolutionized the field, enabling faster and more precise diagnostics.

Contributions to disease prevention and control

During major epidemics such as avian influenza, Ebola, swine fever, and most recently, COVID-19, Tianlong has played a vital role in disease prevention and control. Our in vitro diagnostic devices have supported timely and accurate testing, enabling early detection and containment of outbreaks. We are proud to have received awards and recognition for our contributions to disease prevention and control, underscoring our commitment to making a positive impact on public health.


Tianlong's unwavering commitment to technological advancements has solidified our position as an industrial leader in in vitro diagnostic devices. Through strategic partnerships, a strong R&D team, and a dedication to independent research, we continue to drive innovation in the field. Our technical innovations, contributions to disease prevention and control, and commitment to social responsibilities define us as a company that seeks to make a difference. With confidence, we look forward to providing first-class molecular diagnostic products that shape the future of healthcare while positively impacting society as a whole.